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Vaginal Tightening Surgery

In 2011 alone it was estimated that over 10 thousand women opted for a cosmetic vaginal tightening or ‘vaginal rejuvenation surgery’.

Although surgery may seem like a great option and a quick fix many women are often unhappy with the results and the experience, it’s always wise to use caution and thoroughly research before jumping into anything; especially going under the knife.

Women who consider vaginal tightening surgery often overlook these facts:

  • Average cost of over $5000
    This is no small amount of money, for the average family this could provide a years worth of groceries.
  • Chance of a botched surgery
    Hundreds of botched surgeries are reported each year and it’s estimated that over 300% of them go unreported due to embarrassment. Is it really worth the risk of an incompetent or unlicensed doctor to possibly mutilate you accidentally?
  • Many women are unhappy with the final result
    After going through with the surgery many women often regret the decision often because of nasty scarring, improper procedure, unprofessional surgeons and a wide range of other reasons.

If your still thinking about getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery make sure you thoroughly research the cosmetic surgeon performing the procedure. Even if you have to pay a few thousand more for a reputable professional it’s well worth the money.

Overall we feel there are much better options than surgery for dealing with this problem. From our research women who choose natural means of tightening their vagina are often much more satisfied with the results.

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