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Discover The Pros And Cons Of Pleasure Enhancing Lubricants

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pleasure enhancing lubricantsIf you’ve seen any commercials about lubricants, then you’ve probably seen at least one about pleasure enhancing lubricants. These are just like your regular lubricant, but they are made to increase your pleasure by giving you more sensations during sexual intercourse.

While this sounds amazing and many women really love it (and men too, since they love seeing their women in ecstasy), there are some problems that you might experience with these lubricants.

This article will explore the pros and cons so that you know what you are getting into before buying a pleasure enhancing lubricant.

Pro: Enhances Sexual Experience

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that these lubes are meant to enhance sexual stimulation. They can work if you are solo, or if you are with your boyfriend or spouse. Some have a static stimulation that doesn’t change with intercourse, and some will increase the pleasure during intercourse. The fact is that these lubricants will give you some extra sensations that will make sex all the more enjoyable.

Most lubricants either cause tingling or a slight heating sensation, or they might do both. You may want to experience with different brands to see what sensation you like the best. Many women find this much more effective for reaching orgasm, and most say that these products will make sex more fun.

Con: Too Much Sensation

If you are the sensitive type that reacts to chemicals or if you don’t like too much sensation, then you might want to watch out for pleasure enhancing lubricants. Many women find that using too much, or if the lubricant is too strong, that it can start to cause some pain. For example, the heating might become an unbearable burning.

You should experiment with these lubes before trying them out during sex. See how much you can take so that you know your tolerance. If the sensation is too much, then try using less to see if that helps. Remember: each brand has a different active ingredient that causes the extra pleasure, so you might hate one lubricant, but love another.

Pro: Nice Smells

Applying tightening creamAnother benefit is that pleasure enhancing lubricants often have nice smells, such as mint and cinnamon, that can really enhance the pleasure of your lovemaking on an olfactory level.

If you’ve never experimented with scents, then you probably don’t know that the right scents alone can make sex more enjoyable. Humans respond very well to scents and smells, and a nice smell (even without the sensation) is going to make the sex more memorable.

Like with the above points, you should experiment with different products to see which ones you like the most in terms of smell. While mint and cinnamon are common smells, there are many others that you can find that will improve your sex life.

Con: Might React

Aside from possibly being irritating, some pleasure enhancing lubricants have a tendency to chemically react with nearby chemicals and substances. For example, many women find that certain lubricants will react with their fingernail polish, causing it to melt or rub off. It may also stain certain materials and substances.

If you are worried about this, then consider speaking with the manufacturer about what to expect when using the lubricant, or just be careful to ensure that it doesn’t touch certain substances that might cause a reaction.


There are many pros and cons to pleasure enhancing lubricants, and it really comes down to your unique body. It will definitely cause a sensation that many women love, but some people find that it causes too much sensation and it may become painful. It might also react to certain substances, but the smell will often improve your sex life. Try different brands, see what you like and find out if these lubricants are right for you.

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