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Possible Causes Of A Loose Vagina

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The vagina is elastic in nature, and it will generally reshape and become tight after anything that stretches it out, namely sexual intercourse. However, many women experience a loose vagina, and there are many reasons for why this problem occurs.

This article will explore the major causes of a loose vagina so that you know why you are experiencing this problem. There are many creams, operations and exercises that you can do to fix this problem, and most of them are quite effective if you are persistent.

#1: Childbirth

One of the most common reasons for a loose vagina is childbirth. A child is massive compared to anything else that will pass through your vagina, so it’s Childbirth can cause a loosened vaginaunderstandable why this is one of the causes of a loose vagina. At the same time, many women go right back to normal after a few weeks.

The main thing that causes vaginal loosening is trauma experienced during childbirth. If the birthing went smoothly and there were no complications, then you have a higher chance of your vagina going back to normal after recovery. If the area is too narrow and doctors perform an episiotomy (a procedure that widens the area so that a child can easily come out), then there is a good chance that you will have some loosening. This is normally only done if the baby is blocked, or is having a very hard time coming out.

#2: Hormonal and Malnutrition Problems

If you have any hormonal problems (such as menopause from aging or high testosterone), then you might also have a loose vagina. The vagina will usually become dry and sex might be painful, and the vagina also has a high chance of becoming loose.

Malnutrition can also cause this because the vagina is not getting the proper amount of energy that it needs. This means that the body is repurposing all of the food intake so that you stay alive. Your vagina (along with many other parts of your body, like teeth and hair) will suffer because there simply aren’t enough calories, vitamins and minerals to keep everything in tip-top shape. The vaginal walls will lose their strength and elasticity, and thus will sag and become loose.

If you are experiencing hormonal issues, then you should see a doctor to get a prescription, or you should change your diet so that your body naturally creates more estrogen. A dietitian should be able to help you find the right foods to naturally fix this problem. This will also help with malnutrition. You need to eat a balanced diet to make everything work properly.

#3: Aging

As stated above, older women who are menopausal often have loose vaginas due to the resulting hormonal problems, but aging is one of the causes of a loose vagina Childbirth can cause a loosened vaginaeven if you aren’t menopausal. Just like how your skin will naturally sag even if you take great care of yourself, so will the vaginal walls. This just naturally happens, and some women experience it more than others.

If this is occurring due to your age, regardless of whether or not you have menopause, you can usually fix it by using excises (general exercise and Kegel exercises) and eating a better diet to ensure that your vagina gets all the nutrients it needs.


There are many causes of a loose vagina, but thankfully this problem isn’t too difficult to fix. There are many creams that can naturally increase the strength of your vaginal walls, and you can do certain exercises that directly target this area. If neither work, then there are surgical procedures that can also help, but you should save those for last because they are expensive, and they may sometimes make the problem worse.

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