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Are you suffering from a loose vagina and looking for a remedy? Often women experience this problem and are unaware that there are some viable real world solutions which have been time tested and have a very good success rate.

It’s usually not just the woman who suffers from loose vagina, because this problem affects your sex life your partner will surely notice something is wrong as well.

Learn about the best loose vagina remedies available todayFirst and foremost one of the best loose vagina remedies is the well known but underused kegel exercises which help tighten the vaginal muscles. As countless women across the globe would tell you, tightening and releasing your PC muscles slowly restores the firmness to your pelvic floor muscles and greatly improves sexual function.

If you find it hard to understand how to do these kegels, think about the times when you have tried to stop urinating midstream, the muscles that you use to hold back the stream of urine are the very same kegel muscles you want to squeeze and contract when we work out.

Vagina tightening creams are another well known loose vagina remedy but unlike kegels they provide a near instant tightening effect which lasts for up to a full days time without re-application.

A cream such as Intivar, IsoSensuals Tight, VieNue Vivify and others tighten the muscles of the vagina thus resulting in higher friction during sex and hence greater pleasure. In addition to this it increases the lubrication in the vagina. Your level of sexual stimulation is also directly dependent upon the level of blood flow to the areas.

If in the rare case nothing seems to work for you it maybe time to talk to your gynecologist about surgical vagina re-construction. Although we do not recommend this procedure because of the high cost and risks a vaginoplasty can be used for repair of the vaginal wall.

What ever you choose do don’t ignore or dismiss these problems, if you still feel lost consult your gynecologist and follow a natural loose vagina remedy and restore a new vigor to your sex life!


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