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IsoSensuals Tight Review

IsoSensuals TIGHT Vaginal Tightening Gel ReviewIsoSensuals TIGHT has been on the market for some time now, it features sleek design and packaging, organic ingredients and is one of the only vaginal tighteners to use Manjakani Extract, an herb with powerful astringent properties.

This cream is overall quite impressive, it’s easily one of the best quality vagina creams on Amazon.com and also one of the most effective creams on the market today.

Lets review what IsoSensuals Tight has to offer.

IsoSensuals Tight Ingredients:

IsoSensuals Tight is one of the few vagina tightening gels on the market which understands the need for high quality, premium ingredients not only to ensure product safety but also to offer women a very consistent and effective product.

Let’s examine the active ingredients to find out how it works..

  • Manjakani also known as oak gall is a natural herb native to specific parts of IsoSensual Ingredients - Manjakani / Oak GallAsia and Persia. This small round herb has been used for thousands of years thanks to its amazing natural properties, in recent times the unique herbal compounds contained within were extracted and standardized to increase effectiveness. Manjakani also contains essential tannins, oils and vitamins which add elasticity and restore and rejuvenate the vagina. Its astringent, tightening qualities are as good as any herb has to offer.
  • IsoSensual Ingredients - Witch HazelWitch Hazel is another astringent, vagina tightening herb found in many vagina creams meaning it has a tightening effect. Like oak gall it also has a rich history, this time it was commonly used throughout North America and Europe. Witch hazel us anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which helps to keep away yeast infections and maintain vaginal health.
  • IsoSensual Ingredients - Organic Aloe VeraOrganic Aloe Vera doesn’t have any tightening effect on the vagina however it does help to restore elasticity and youthfulness to your intimate parts. Although oak gall and witch hazel provide most of the effect aloe vera is a great supporting herb that helps to lubricate restore elasticity.

Other ingredients: Deionized water, Vegetable Glycerin, Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, Squalane, Potassium Sorbate

Squalane may ring a bell as it sounds similar to Squaline; a hazardous substance found in vaccines. Don’t be alarmed since Squalane is produced by the body and isn’t regarded as harmful, it’s found in “sebum” the bodies natural moisturizer.

The ingredients in this tightening gel pass our strict inspection standards and should be regarded as both safe and effective.

Does IsoSensuals Tight Have Side Effects?

Women looking to use this product shouldn’t be very worried about side effects especially after researching the ingredients.

  • No Synthetic Preservatives – Parabens and preservatives are a concern for most women because of the nasty side effects they can cause. This product however is safe and contains none.
  • No Propylene (PEGs) – These are polymers of ethylene glycol used in many cosmetics and known to be quite harmful, they are used to help the absorption of other ingredients. Thankfully IsoSensuals Tight opted not to use these harmful ingredients.
  • No Petroleum or Nasty Oils – Petroleum and cheap oil based ingredients are found in a wide range of low grade products and often little to no benefit. In fact they can be outright harmful to your health! This product does not use such ingredients.
  • No Synthetic Hormones – Synthetic hormones attempt to mimic naturally occurring hormones within the body which often leads to long term health problems. We never recommend our readers take these kinds of hormones unless prescribed by a doctor and even then it would be wise to look for an alternative.

Through our research we found IsoSensuals Tight to be a VERY SAFE product, but we recommend you take the time to investigate for yourself before purchasing.

It’s important to always research the ingredients and make sure the product wont have nasty side effects. Never rub a cheap, low grade cream full of binders, fillers and toxic ingredients on your intimate parts.. it just doesn’t make sense!

How Much Does IsoSensuals Tight Cost?

This product is of the highest quality but the price tag of $59.99 per unit plus S&H.

If money is not an issue you should buy this vagina tightening gel with confidence, on the other-hand if your looking for a quality product at the best price you should have a look at some of the great alternatives.

Does IsoSensuals Tight Have A Downside?

The price is certainly an issue for most women and although you would be hard pressed to find a premium vagina rejuvenation gel for under $25/unit there are certainly better deals available on the market. Many of us ladies have families to support so every dollar saved certainly helps!

Finally the only other downsides are that IsoSensuals Tight is only available online and it doesn’t have any discount, coupons or bonuses.

Is IsoSensuals Tight The Best Tightening Gel?

Although the ingredients are both safe and effective (which is not as common as you’d think!) this product simply costs too much money when all is said and done.

In the future if IsoSensuals were to lower their cost or offer discounts, coupons or bonuses it would help put them above the competition. Until then products like V-Tight will continue to outrank the rest of the creams and gels in the vagina tightening marketplace.

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What Are The Best Alternatives?

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