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Discover The Pros And Cons Of Pleasure Enhancing Lubricants

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pleasure enhancing lubricantsIf you’ve seen any commercials about lubricants, then you’ve probably seen at least one about pleasure enhancing lubricants. These are just like your regular lubricant, but they are made to increase your pleasure by giving you more sensations during sexual intercourse. While this sounds amazing and many women really love it (and men too, since they love seeing their women in ecstasy), there are some problems that you might experience with these lubricants. This article will explore the pros and cons so that you know what you are getting into before buying a pleasure enhancing lubricant.

Pro: Enhances Sexual Experience

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that these lubes are meant to enhance sexual stimulation. They can work if you are solo, or if you are with your boyfriend or spouse. Some have a static stimulation that doesn’t change with intercourse, and some will increase the pleasure during intercourse. The fact is that these lubricants will give you some extra sensations that will make sex all the more enjoyable.

Most lubricants either cause tingling or a slight heating sensation, or they might do both. You may want to experience with different brands to see what sensation you like the best. Many women find this much more effective for reaching orgasm, and most say that these products will make sex more fun.

Con: Too Much Sensation

If you are the sensitive type that reacts to chemicals or if you don’t like too much sensation, then you might want to watch out for pleasure enhancing lubricants. Many women find that using too much, or if the lubricant is too strong, that it can start to cause some pain. For example, the heating might become an unbearable burning.

You should experiment with these lubes before trying them out during sex. See how much you can take so that you know your tolerance. If the sensation is too much, then try using less to see if that helps. Remember: each brand has a different active ingredient that causes the extra pleasure, so you might hate one lubricant, but love another.

Pro: Nice Smells

Another benefit is that pleasure enhancing lubricants often have nice smells, such as mint and cinnamon, that can really enhance the pleasure of your lovemaking on an olfactory level. If you’ve never experimented with scents, then you probably don’t know that the right scents alone can make sex more enjoyable. Humans respond very well to scents and smells, and a nice smell (even without the sensation) is going to make the sex more memorable.

Like with the above points, you should experiment with different products to see which ones you like the most in terms of smell. While mint and cinnamon are common smells, there are many others that you can find that will improve your sex life.

Con: Might React

Aside from possibly being irritating, some pleasure enhancing lubricants have a tendency to chemically react with nearby chemicals and substances. For example, many women find that certain lubricants will react with their fingernail polish, causing it to melt or rub off. It may also stain certain materials and substances.

If you are worried about this, then consider speaking with the manufacturer about what to expect when using the lubricant, or just be careful to ensure that it doesn’t touch certain substances that might cause a reaction.


There are many pros and cons to pleasure enhancing lubricants, and it really comes down to your unique body. It will definitely cause a sensation that many women love, but some people find that it causes too much sensation and it may become painful. It might also react to certain substances, but the smell will often improve your sex life. Try different brands, see what you like and find out if these lubricants are right for you.

Laser Vaginal Tightening Questions

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If your vaginal walls are sagging or loose, then you might want to consider laser vaginal tightening. This is a procedure where a laser is used to help tighten the muscles and walls of the vagina so that it regains its youthful shape. Many women have a lot of questions about this type of procedure, and this article will answer some of the most common questions.

What’s the Difference Between Laser Tightening and Other Forms of Vaginal Tightening?

vaginal tightening laser surgeryIn terms of what is being done during the operation, there is very little different between laser vaginal tightening and the normal procedure. The main difference is the use of a high tech laser. However, this presents many benefits that will make aftercare much easier.

Lasers often leave less marks and it’s easier for the body to heal from the procedure. Not only that, but there is typically less scar tissue (if any at all) and there is a lower chance of any mistakes occurring during the vaginal tightening.

What Can Laser Vaginal Tightening Do?

There are two things that laser vaginal tightening seeks to correct: unsatisfactory sex due to lack of tightness and urine incontinence. Many women after childbirth and those experiencing menopause suffer from one or both of these problems for various reasons.

If the procedure is successful, then you should notice a difference with incontinence and sexual pleasure. The procedure fixes both problems simultaneously, and the tightening is the same regardless of your reasons for having the procedure.

Is it Effective?

There are many researchers that are on the fence about this question. Some say that it is effective, while others say that there isn’t enough evidence. Many women find that, at least in the short-term, that their vaginal walls are tighter and stronger after the procedure. However, there isn’t much evidence or testimonials that talk about the long-term benefits or disappointment.

Overall, it seems to have some benefits, but it’s best to try Kegel exercises first before resorting to any sort of surgery.

How Long Does it Take?

Laser vaginal tightening is a fairly simple procedure, and most surgeons will be able to do it within an hour. There are some cases where it will take longer, but the average is around an hour or less.

Is it Painful?

There usually is some pain involved with vaginal tightening, but most of the pain comes after the surgery. You will usually be provided with some sort of anesthesia during the procedure that will block and numb the pain. Depending on the surgeon’s and your preference, you can be given local, general, spinal, epidural, nerve block or IV sedation to make this procedure less painful.

What is the Recovery Time?

It generally doesn’t take too long to recover from laser vaginal tightening. You can usually travel and move around freely after about two days. Returning to work or doing more strenuous activity will often take about a week, or five to seven days.

The longest wait time involves sexual intercourse. Under most circumstances, the surgeon will ask you to wait about six weeks before engaging in sexual intercourse. Oral sex can be done much earlier than this, typically within two to three weeks or less.


Laser vaginal tightening is a popular procedure that many women have so that sexual intercourse is better, or to eliminate the incontinence that is caused by a loose vagina. There are very few complications involved in this procedure, and it’s often safe. However, be aware that many researchers aren’t sure how effective this procedure is, so you may or may not be happy with the laser vaginal tightening within a year or two after the procedure.

Possible Causes Of A Loose Vagina

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The vagina is elastic in nature, and it will generally reshape and become tight after anything that stretches it out, namely sexual intercourse. However, many women experience a loose vagina, and there are many reasons for why this problem occurs. This article will explore the major causes of a loose vagina so that you know why you are experiencing this problem. There are many creams, operations and exercises that you can do to fix this problem, and most of them are quite effective if you are persistent.

#1: Childbirth

One of the most common reasons for a loose vagina is childbirth. A child is massive compared to anything else that will pass through your vagina, so it’s Childbirth can cause a loosened vaginaunderstandable why this is one of the causes of a loose vagina. At the same time, many women go right back to normal after a few weeks.

The main thing that causes vaginal loosening is trauma experienced during childbirth. If the birthing went smoothly and there were no complications, then you have a higher chance of your vagina going back to normal after recovery. If the area is too narrow and doctors perform an episiotomy (a procedure that widens the area so that a child can easily come out), then there is a good chance that you will have some loosening. This is normally only done if the baby is blocked, or is having a very hard time coming out.

#2: Hormonal and Malnutrition Problems

If you have any hormonal problems (such as menopause from aging or high testosterone), then you might also have a loose vagina. The vagina will usually become dry and sex might be painful, and the vagina also has a high chance of becoming loose.

Malnutrition can also cause this because the vagina is not getting the proper amount of energy that it needs. This means that the body is repurposing all of the food intake so that you stay alive. Your vagina (along with many other parts of your body, like teeth and hair) will suffer because there simply aren’t enough calories, vitamins and minerals to keep everything in tip-top shape. The vaginal walls will lose their strength and elasticity, and thus will sag and become loose.

If you are experiencing hormonal issues, then you should see a doctor to get a prescription, or you should change your diet so that your body naturally creates more estrogen. A dietitian should be able to help you find the right foods to naturally fix this problem. This will also help with malnutrition. You need to eat a balanced diet to make everything work properly.

#3: Aging

As stated above, older women who are menopausal often have loose vaginas due to the resulting hormonal problems, but aging is one of the causes of a loose vagina Childbirth can cause a loosened vaginaeven if you aren’t menopausal. Just like how your skin will naturally sag even if you take great care of yourself, so will the vaginal walls. This just naturally happens, and some women experience it more than others.

If this is occurring due to your age, regardless of whether or not you have menopause, you can usually fix it by using excises (general exercise and Kegel exercises) and eating a better diet to ensure that your vagina gets all the nutrients it needs.


There are many causes of a loose vagina, but thankfully this problem isn’t too difficult to fix. There are many creams that can naturally increase the strength of your vaginal walls, and you can do certain exercises that directly target this area. If neither work, then there are surgical procedures that can also help, but you should save those for last because they are expensive, and they may sometimes make the problem worse.

Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery Pros And Cons

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Many women are uncomfortable about how their vagina looks or feels, especially after childbirth or if a partner has expressed problems with your vagina. This leads some people to consider aesthetic vaginal surgery.

There are many types of aesthetic vaginal surgery procedures, such as reducing the labia, tightening the vagina and so on. While a doctor should tell you what to expect from this procedure, this article will show you the general pros and cons of this surgery so that you are more informed before actually getting the procedure.

Pro: Relieves Psychological Stress

The fact is that many women who have aesthetic vaginal surgery have normal vaginas. Their labial lips might be a little bit larger than some women or the appearance may not emulate the perfect ‘designer vagina’, but their vaginas are normal nonetheless. However, even after knowing that their vagina is normal, some women feel psychological stress.

If this describes you, then aesthetic vaginal surgery might be able to relieve this stress. However, if the stress is deeper than just the shape of your vagina, then you might face more issues when the surgery is finished.

Con: Little Evidence

While there has been some research into whether or not aesthetic vaginal surgery really does improve sexual functioning, most of the evidence is inconclusive, especially with long-term improvements. This surgery will often make the vagina tighter to improve sexual satisfaction for both people, but the effects will often fade.

Pro: Better Organ Support

Sex aside, there are other reasons to get aesthetic vaginal surgery. Vaginal tightening is usually lumped in with this umbrella term, and it can help your pelvis better support your organs. Many postnatal women have incontinence issues and pain that is associated with a loose vagina.

While aesthetic vaginal surgery is usually aimed at making the vagina look better, you can have the benefit of better organ support if the vaginal walls are tightened.

Con: Complications

Every surgery, even the most mundane ones, has potential complications and problems that you may have to weather after the procedure. The most common problems will be pain and irritation, but this should go away after a few days or weeks. However, there are other, more serious issues to possibly contend with.

You might have to deal with infection, scar tissue, damaging of nearby organs (especially with inexperienced surgeons) and the surgery might just have temporary effects that dissipate after a few months.

Pro: Less Irritation

Many women who have larger labial lips are prone to irritation. There is irritation if you wear tight clothing, and sex may also be irritating under certain circumstances. If you have this problem, then aesthetic vaginal surgery should be beneficial because one of the most common procedures is to reduce the size of the labial lips. Not only that, but it will make the vagina look more youthful.

Con: Overly Eager Surgeons

One major problem that researchers found when they looked into aesthetic vaginal surgery is that most surgeons seem a little too eager to perform this procedure. For example, most are willing to reduce labia size even if the woman has a normal labia. Many websites also exaggerate the problems that certain women face, and they even make some problems up.

For example, ‘labial hypertrophy’ is a condition where the labia is too large, and many aesthetic vaginal surgery websites and surgeons will talk about this condition. However, it’s not a real condition that grounded in science. It’s just a tactic to make women feel self-conscience.


If you don’t like the way your vagina looks or feels, especially after childbirth, then aesthetic vaginal surgery might be good for you. However, be aware that there isn’t that much research into the effectiveness of this surgery, and any benefits might dissipate after a few months or years. If you do go in for this surgery, then make sure that you aren’t talking to an overly eager surgeon, as he or she might perform the operation when you really don’t need it.

Female Enhancement Product

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Woman are always looking for ways to spice up their sex life and trying to figure out which female sexual enhancement product is worth their time and money.

If you are looking for a female sexual enhancement product then you may spend more time than you had planned looking through a whole range of options including pills, patches, creams, gels and lotions. There are many vaginal creams such as VieNue Vivify that will tighten a loose vagina and work great but it does have a few potential side effects.

The usage of these herbal female enhancement creams and products will increase the amount of blood flow to your vagina. This allows for better lubrication and better sexual stimulation too!

Which Female Enhancement Products Work Best?

The herbal ingredients found in most vagina creams such as oak gall extract can increase your sexual desire and have been used successfully for hundreds if not thousands of years for a wide range of female sexual health concerns.

These types of herbs are found in high quality female enhancement products such as 2Seduce and IsoSensuals TIGHT and have a good reputation for being able to increase sensitivity and sexual energy.

enhance female libido and tighten the vaginaWhen considering such enhancement products for females be sure to carefully research the ingredients, you may even want to go as far as to consult a gynecologist before use.

There are many female enhancement products which claim to turn your life around without any effects to back them up on, do not be conned by fake promises and use only certified products.

Getting your libido and sexual function back into good working order isn’t as hard as one might think, get the correct product to take care of your situation and before you know it you can have orgasms like never before and once again experience great sexual pleasure with your partner.

Herbal Vagina Cream

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Many women undergo a loosening of the vaginal muscles shortly after giving birth to a child, or experiences hormonal changes. Some women are slightly more loose by nature while others have the problem of being so tight they cannot have their vagina penetrated without pain.

Suffering from female sexual dysfunction doesn’t mean that your sex life is behind you. There are a few high success methods of fixing these types of problems one being herbal vagina creams and another is kegel exercises.
Herbal vagina creams are natural and effective

There are numerous herbal vaginal creams on the market for you to use however it’s important you search which are best because not all these creams are high quality and effective.

The creams usually contain tropical herbal extracts which lubricate the walls of your vagina and restore elasticity. Some of creams may contain estrogen or estrogen precursors. We suggest woman use caution when taking synthetic hormones as they can cause very serious long term side effects and should only be used short term if at all.

If looking for quick, near instant result an herbal vagina cream is the best choice. A single use of an effective cream will tighten the vagina in seconds and can last for upwards of 24 hours!

These creams contain all natural chemical compounds with astringent properties that result in contraction of your vaginal muscles and heightened sensations of stimulation upon your g-spot and vaginal wall.

The usage of any natural herbal vagina cream is not only for it tightening effects on the vagina, these herbal creams and known to help remove all signs of vaginal dryness as well. In addition increasing the amount of lubrication directly results in greater sexual sensitivity for you and your partner.

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Further from the usage of the creams and the kegel exercises, there are many forms of yoga which helps in relaxing the body. Regular indulgences in it results in a direct increase in the blood flow to the area. Post these there is always the option to go for a reconstructive surgery to sort out your issues if they do not get resolved even after spending substantial amount of time and effort on them.

If your interested in tighter vagina kegel exercises should be used because they provide a stable long term solution. This convenient form of interior vagina exercise can be done at any place and at any time, in fact with due practice you can even do them standing up, these are known to be very effective in restoring the firmness of the vaginal walls and help get your sex life back on track.

If you are interested in trying an herbal vagina cream or gel you should read over a few vagina tightener reviews to decide which product is the right for you.

Now you know the basics on how to tighten the vagina with herbal vagina creams. When using one of these products you should notice a near instant tightening of the vagina and enhanced sexual pleasure.

Loose Vagina Remedy

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Are you suffering from a loose vagina and looking for a remedy? Often women experience this problem and are unaware that there are some viable real world solutions which have been time tested and have a very good success rate.

It’s usually not just the woman who suffers from loose vagina, because this problem affects your sex life your partner will surely notice something is wrong as well.

Learn about the best loose vagina remedies available todayFirst and foremost one of the best loose vagina remedies is the well known but underused kegel exercises which help tighten the vaginal muscles. As countless women across the globe would tell you, tightening and releasing your PC muscles slowly restores the firmness to your pelvic floor muscles and greatly improves sexual function.

If you find it hard to understand how to do these kegels, think about the times when you have tried to stop urinating midstream, the muscles that you use to hold back the stream of urine are the very same kegel muscles you want to squeeze and contract when we work out.

Vagina tightening creams are another well known loose vagina remedy but unlike kegels they provide a near instant tightening effect which lasts for up to a full days time without re-application.

A cream such as Intivar, IsoSensuals Tight, VieNue Vivify and others tighten the muscles of the vagina thus resulting in higher friction during sex and hence greater pleasure. In addition to this it increases the lubrication in the vagina. Your level of sexual stimulation is also directly dependent upon the level of blood flow to the areas.

If in the rare case nothing seems to work for you it maybe time to talk to your gynecologist about surgical vagina re-construction. Although we do not recommend this procedure because of the high cost and risks a vaginoplasty can be used for repair of the vaginal wall.

What ever you choose do don’t ignore or dismiss these problems, if you still feel lost consult your gynecologist and follow a natural loose vagina remedy and restore a new vigor to your sex life!

How Females Can Enhance Their Sex Life

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Today’s modern woman is actively looking to enhance sexual pleasure just as much as their male counterparts. Sexual dysfunction is a large problem in today’s society and the strenuous demands of your daily life it can get a little hard to motivate yourself to perform in sexually with your partner each night.

Enhance female sex lifeTired bodies and tired minds make for poor sexual companions and the men and women of today seem to be wearing themselves out long before they are anywhere near the bedroom! Women either cannot bring themselves to get in the right mode for sex, and when they do it has become that much harder to attain an orgasm, all of this from reduced libido in females who are experiencing sexual dysfunction.

Much research has concluded that when you have a good sex life it helps keep that spring in your step as you go about your daily business it helps to ward away that grumpy get-it-over-with attitude.

There are however many good options available out there now to enhance sex for women and increase their libido without expensive or potentially dangerous drugs.

Instead of drugs you should try a natural, side effect free vagina tightening cream such as Intivar or IsoSensuals TIGHT which are now easily available to increase the blood flow to your sexual organs. This results in greater lubrication and sensitivity of your sex organ which makes you much more responsive and passionate meaning a better chance of sexual satisfaction for both partners.

Female Sexual EnhancementIn addition to all the vagina tightening creams there are numerous forms of estrogen patches, gels and pills. As is to be expected, increasing the amount of estrogen increases a woman’s inclination towards sex, like the previous medicines it increases the lubrication and enhances your sexual stimulation highly. Just remember taking synthetic estrogen is not a very good long term solution and may lead to further health issues.

The best solutions which enhance sex for females are sexual enhancement gels and vagina tightening creams containing age old herbs which have been known to enhance sex drive and libido without significant side effects. Herbal extracts like pueraria muerifica or curcuma comosa are commonly used to make the most potent and effective herbal medicines.

There are no shortage of such options, if interested in learning more you can check out vagina tightening cream reviews or visit your gynecologist just do not take your sex life for granted, there are options to put it back on track, even make it better than it was before, it is time for a better sex life today!

Natural Effective Herbal Vagina Tightening

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It is very common for women to complain of loose vaginal muscles post child-birth, what with all the mental stresses along with the physical ones, giving birth to a child is not an easy process and the recovery period can take quite a while.

learn about Natural Effective Herbal Vagina TighteningMost women don’t know that there are safe, natural and effective herbal vagina tightening products and tightening exercises which if performed or used regularly will have a very positive effect.

When trying to have sex for the first time after the delivery women often find it harder to get proper sexual stimulation. This is a direct result of a reduced friction because of your weakened vagina muscles and enlarged vaginal size.

There is however no need to feel self-conscious or worried because with proper therapy and by allowing an adequate amount of time to pass the vaginal muscles get back to their previous glory.

There are numerous effective natural herbal vagina creams and lotions if you want the best chance of recovering firmness and tightness of your vagina for you and your partner. These vagina creams often contain a combination of herbal extracts and estrogen mimicking compounds which when applied to the vagina provide results almost instantly.

The combination help by using combined ingredients and herbs to increase the amount of lubrication while causing a near immediate tightening of the vagina which can last for over 24 hours, thus justifying their usage. These herbal creams also hinder the multiplication of microbes and bacteria in your intimate region and act as an anti-inflammatory as well.

Doctors may also suggest some vagina tightening pills to help support your recovery although there is little scientific or well-tested clinical evidence to support these products.

Doing kegel exercises to tighten the vagina puts right the most stubborn of situations however the effectiveness of the pills is quite questionable.

Spending an adequate amount of time doing kegels every day is a popular advice given out by gynecologists, although they take weeks to show any effect they have lots of evidence showing they work very well.

All of these kegel exercises will help in strengthening the vagina’s interior pelvic floor muscles which grip your partners penis when it’s inside of you and increase sensitivity and sexual stimulation for both partners.

Effective Vagina Tightening With Herbal Products and Kegel ExercisesA vaginoplasty may also be an option in some cases for the reconstruction of the walls of your vagina however this procedure is mostly used only in the most stubborn of cases or when the problem is due to some medical deformity. We always recommend trying natural options before the surgical, expensive and intrusive procedures recommended by surgeons.

Sex is a very important aspect of any relationship, and a substandard sex life can hurt it in ways that aren’t always visible and create a barrier between you and your loved one.

To make sure none of this happens to you going for any of these easy solutions may be the answer. If your looking for a quick, easy way to help tighten your vagina you may want to try a sex enhancing vaginal tightening cream like Intivar.

Curcuma Comosa Herbs

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Sex is an important part of any relationship, and as it may be, there are a thousand things that can go wrong as far as your sex life is concerned. Little changes that people do not notice or choose to ignore end up slowly reducing a couple’s interest in sex and in the long run will put strain on the relationship.

The loosening of a woman’s vagina can be a result of giving birth to a child, hormonal changes, and some are simply born with a vagina more loose than others just as some men are more endowed than others.

Picture of curcuma comosa herbsWhen you are talking about vaginal tightening creams, gels and lotions there is one herbal ingredient that keeps appearing in products; it’s called curcuma comosa.

Found originally in lush rain forests of Thailand these herbs are known to have special regenerative effects upon a female’s vaginal area, for this reason these herbs are used in several vaginal tightening creams and gels.

Along with the mentioned usage curcuma comosa also helps to deal with issues of vaginal dryness, menstrual pain, hot flashes and abdominal pain. By applying this specific herbal extract to almost any part of your body you will notice and increase in blood circulation to that area and also a powerful tightening and lifting of sagging muscles is also observed.

A paste of these herbs is also applied to the breasts in many spas across the globe to help take care of any visual sagging. Of course we are interested in curcuma comosa for its natural vaginal tightening properties which are highly astringent in nature. These potent herbs help to restore elasticity and youthfulness to the vagina.

Curcuma comosa vagina tightening herbsCurcuma comosaa is known to have estrogenic effects and also increase the effectiveness of ovarian hormones which provides many other positive effects for your body, such as the tightening of vaginal walls and even an increase in sexual function and libido. These herbs are known to increase the firmness of the walls of the vagina thus helping to restore the size of the vagina back to its pre-delivery form.

A lack of communication between you and you partner if your suffering from vaginal problems can put a hard strain on the relationship. Matters such as this can effectively cripple your sexual closeness which is something you want to avoid if you value a loving, caring relationship.

It is critically important that you be open with your partner about all things! Next time things are hindering your sex lift give curcuma comosa herbs a try, they are found in several sex enhancing vagina tightening creams and gels across the Internet..

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