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PK24 Review – Feminine Tightening Cream

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

You might have heard of PK24, it’s a new vagina tightening cream on the market. It claims to boost feminine sexual esteem and offer a wide range of benefits:

  • Better sexual sensation for both partners
  • An almost instant tightening effect that lasts up to 24 hours
  • Restores elasticity and the moisture barrier

PK24 makes some questionable claims on their website: “pk24 is the first and only clinically tested, vaginal rejuvenation cream”.

PK24 Is Clinically Tested But Is It The Only One?

This simply is not true, Intivar and other creams have released clinical testing as well.

This product has a natural smelling scent and a fresh enjoyable taste, making it a fun product to use to experiment with your partner.

PK24 Ingredients:

Glycerin, Potassium Alum, PEG 75, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Leaf Juice, Fragrance (Parfum), Flavor, Sucralose, Sodium Citrate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Do not use this product regularly because it contains preservatives and parabens which will get absorbed and can cause health issues over time.

Most of the ingredients in this product help to improve elasticity, moisture and also have anti-bacterial properties.

The tightening effect is the result of the ingredient Potassium Alum which has a reputation of working fairly well for most women.

Remember, PK24 contains PEG 75, Methylparaben and Propylparaben so it’s not very good to use it daily but is ok from time to time.

PK24 Price:

This tightening product costs $59.99.

PK24 Discount:pk24 review of this vaginal tightening cream

Enter promo code ‘1200‘ for $5 off your purchase.

PK24 Upside:

Sleek design and packaging
Many high quality ingredients
Works well for most women
Clinical testing
Supported by Shamsah Amersi, MD

PK24 Downside:

Toxic parabens and preservatives
No organic ingredients
Not suitable for daily use
Same cost as other high end tighteners
Only available online

Compare With Top Rated Alternatives:

Lady Secret Serum

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Vagina Tightening Cream Reviews

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Since we’ve reviewed almost every vagina tightening cream on the market we thought tighteningthevagina.com vagina tightening cream reviewswe would put together this resource to help women decide which is the best option to suit their individual needs.

If you are thinking of trying a product and it isn’t on our list of reviewed products it’s probably not even worth mentioning and should be avoided. We encourage our readers to read over each product critically when deciding if it’s worth trying.

  • Vagina Tightening Cream #1: Intivar Review:
    This is our top rated product that we’ve reviewed. Premium quality ingredients, a solid money back guarantee, good customer service, clinically tested formula and a speedy effective cream that really works well as promised. Click to read the full review.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #2: Gripper Vaginal Formula Review:
    This is a decent lower grade formula by SecretHerbs that comes recommended by some women and not by others. We were not overly impressed with this formula however it maybe worth using for some women.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #3: Harmony Vagina Cream Review:
    This is a good example of a vagina tightening cream you don’t want to order. All the red flags are there for an ineffective product with no guarantee. Read the full review for more details.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #4: Liquid Virgin Review:
    Liquid Virgin is a product that must sell based on marketing and packaging alone because it really doesn’t work well and has a very unappealing consistency. You can learn more about this product by reading the full review.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #5: China Shrink Cream Review:
    This shrink cream makes some bold claims about its ability to tighten and restore the vagina. Unfortunately this product can’t back it’s claims and doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee. In fact they don’t even list their ingredients!
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #6: Pipedreams Sure Grip Review:
    Be warned about this cream it contains some dangerous and toxin ingredients which women should never take into their body. There are variations in name and packaging for this product, read the review and find out exactly what to avoid.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #7: Lady Secret Serum Review:
    Despite containing an herb banned by the FDA this cream actually has a very good ingredients list and quality. We cannot however recommend a cream with banned ingredients as they may cause health risks.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #8: Virginia Tightening Gel Review:
    This is another cream that threw up some red flags, we were unable to find information about many basic details needed before ordering this product. If a company isn’t willing to give you basic details about the product can they really be trusted to produce a quality product that works?
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #9: Women Eroticism Vagina Shrink Review:
    This is simply another cheap, Amazon knockoff product that has no information available to consumers. It’s quite amazing products like this actually sell. Read the full review to find out why this product fails.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #10: Pure Romance Like a Virgin Review:
    This product seems like it has good potential, Pure Romance is a well known company and produced this cream for women who are looking to tighten and lubricate the vagina. There is a lack of information released about this product however it’s better than 95% of similar products on amazon shop.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #11: Tighten Up Shrink Creme Review:
    This is possibly the cheapest looking product out of all we’ve reviewed so far. Poor packaging, no details on ingredients, clinical testing, guarantees or anything a consumer wants to know before ordering. This product failed right from the start.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #12: Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream Review:
    It’s quite unfortunate companies are out to make a quick buck and not to provide a high quality product to women looking for real solutions. This cream is full of binders, fillers, parabens and preservatives we highly recommend women avoid this product.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #13: 2Seduce Tightening Gel Review:
    This is a fairly impressive tightening product, especially when compared with most of the junk we’ve reviewed to date! This product does have some downsides which we covered in the review however overall it’s a pretty good cream and worth checking out to see if it’s right for you.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #14: Crazy Girl So Tight Review:
    This product has decent packaging but it’s unfortunate that they didn’t spend more money on producing a high quality ingredients list.. instead this company opted to fill their product with binders, fillers and toxic chemicals that you don’t want in your body.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #15: Estrace Review:
    Estrace is a synthetic sex hormone available by prescription only to treat a wide range of conditions including dry, itchy vagina and menopausal symptoms. This product is available in both cream and pill form. We don’t recommend this product for vaginal dryness or low libido, click to read why.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #16: PK24 Review:
    PK24 is a high end vaginal tightener and pleasure enhancing cream that can re-invigorate your love life for you and your partner. This vaginal cream is certainly worth looking into but is quite expensive and not the best option.
  • Vagina Tightening Cream #17: IsoSensuals Tight Review:
    We feel IsoSensuals Tight is one of the best vaginal creams on the market thanks to superior ingredients and standardized extracts. If price is no concern this is one of the best choices available on the market today! Read the full IsoSensuals Tight Review to learn more.

This compilation of vagina tightening cream reviews will be updated periodically as we review new products that emerge on the market.

In summary these are the top vagina tightening creams available online:

If your still just learning about natural vaginal rejuvenation feel free to learn from these valuable resources:

Learn to tighten the vagina with herbs
How a loose vagina can cause a women problems in life
Discover natural vagina tightening exercises and how they work
How to tighten your vaginal muscles safely and naturally
Find out why pregnancy can loosen your vagina

Loose Vagina After Pregnancy

Category : Vagina Tightening Articles

Women often encounter an unexpected problem after pregnancy. After giving birth they notice a loosening of the vagina which leads to all kinds of problems health wise, sexually and can also affect a girls confidence as well!
Women often have a loose vagina after pregnancyIn this article we will discuss this common occurrence and how women can go about fixing the problem.

Giving birth one time can have a permanent stretching and sometimes even a tearing effect on the vagina, having multiple children is often what sends women looking for a tightening solution because there is a higher chance you will be affected by such occurrences.

Common Vaginal Complaints After Pregnancy:

    Child birth loose vagina problem pregnancy

  • Vagina feels like it has loosened
  • Vaginal dryness, a lack of natural lubrication
  • Sex isn’t as pleasurable
  • Less sexual interest from your partner

Most women don’t realize that these problems are often interlinked and that in most cases the vaginal muscles can be tightened and strengthened often to the point of being tighter than before you gave birth! Although this sounds like an almost impossible claim many women around the world are already praising the results of doing a full vaginal rejuvenation.

Women are often lead into going for vagina tightening surgery because they feel it’s safe and the surgeon always gives women satisfactory results; sadly this is often not the case this is why we strongly recommend women avoid this option.

Getting Back To The Old You:

The best tightening process often consists of two main steps however some women will choose only a single step and still get satisfactory results.

The exercises you perform to tighten your vagina are called kegels and come highly recommended by urologists and gynecologists alike. Many women simply don’t have the time or patience to stick with doing kegels 5-6 days per week so they opt for option 2 where they buy a vagina tightening cream, lotion, gel or spray that it Couple satisfied because vagina is no longer loosesupposed to do all the work for them.

Tightening creams can be a great option and in fact many women swear by them but we encourage all of our readers to read up and research before committing to any product. We have reviewed many of these vagina creams and gels and in most cases were unimpressed because of the sub-par ingredients and how they often contained chemical preservatives etc. If your going to use option 2 and use a cream be sure you get a high end trusted brand. You can read through our reviews to see our recommendations.

The best results are often achieved when doing a combination of both steps. Not only do you see results faster but you also get better results as well and that’s why we recommend women do kegel exercises and use a vagina tightening cream to strengthen and tighten the vaginal muscles.

Intivar review our top rated vagina tightening cream

2Seduce Tightening Gel Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

2Seduce Female Tightening Gel is a good quality product women use to tighten the vaginal floor muscles to get a tighten vagina making sex more enjoyable for both you and your partner. This product is for sale on Amazon shop.

2seduce female tighten gel review - 2seduce reviewAfter reviewing several cheap, low quality creams from Amazon shop it was refreshing to find a decent vaginal rejuvenation product that not only tightens but also lubricates and enhances feeling during sex.

This product is supposed to work by being absorbed through the skin directly into the muscle tissue to strengthen the elasticity and tighten the structure of the vaginal wall. The choice of ingredients are quite good especially compared to many other similar creams.

2Seduce Gel Ingredients:

Ingredients List: Mantha peperitha oil, aloe vera, sencha, water, glycerin, algae, chamomilla, sencha, grape seed extract, quercus, hamamelis, calendula, persea, graissima, oleyl erucate, carbomer, thriethanol, amine, methylchloroisothiazolinone, allantoin.

2seduce contains an herb called mantha peperithaMantha peperitha and sencha are the main tightening ingredients found in this product, overall we would like to see more astringent herbs like witch hazel and oak gall. Overall this product is still moderately effective even though it could use some minor improvement.

The ingredients are mostly safe and natural although through our research we did find some negative information about one ingredient you may want to know about:

Methylchloroisothiazolinone is a preservative and also an anti molding substance mainly used in shampoos and cosmetics, it also has uses to help prevent yeast infections. The downside of this chemical compound is that it’s on the watchlist for cosmetic allergens and may cause skin reactions and outbreaks.

2seduce review customer satisfactionOverall we score the ingredients for 2Seduce Tightening Gel an above average 8 out of 10 for a good range of active ingredients and good safety throughout. This product doesn’t contain synthetic hormones, parabens and carcinogenic ingredients as far as we could tell.

Out of all the vagina tightening creams and gels we’ve reviewed on this site 2Seduce Tightening Gel has some of the best quality ingredients.

2Seduce Review Of Side Effects:

Certain women may experience mild side effects, most commonly being allergic skin reactions caused by the ingredient methylchloroisothiazolinone. This can be quite uncomfortable since your using it on your intimate parts and we wish companies would use more mild ingredients.

We recommend women rub this gel on their arm first to let it absorb overnight and check for irritation or redness. If no reaction occurs it should be ok to use however this may not be the best tightening gel to use long term.

2Seduce Price:

We’ve seen 2Seduce Tightening Gel ranging anywhere from $40-60 depending which online shop you choose to buy it at, most do not offer free shipping and handling so that’s an additional cost.

2Seduce falls into the highest price range as far as intimate tightening products go.

Is There Any Downside To Using 2Seduce?

One problem we have with this vagina tightening gel is that they recommend it be used at least once daily to achieve long term results. Not only can this get quite expensive but most women prefer a product we can use only when needed.

This product should probably not be used inter-vaginally (inside the vagina) because of the one anti-molding preservative ingredient mentioned above it may cause skin rashes or irritation.

2Seduce Tightening Gel offers a limited 7 day return on unopened packages, other than that there is no money back guarantee.

Are There Any Better Products Available?

is 2seduce worth the price?Although 2Seduce Tighten Gel is a good option we feel Intivar is the #1 vaginal tightener product on the market, we suggest reading our review of both products and choose which is best to suit your needs.

If you don’t mind a product that costs a bit more and is recommended to be used everyday 2Seduce maybe the right tightening gel for you.

Click an image to learn about the top rated alternatives on the market, that way you can make an informed decision when choosing the best product for you.

Click to see a list of all vagina cream reviews

Pipedreams Sure Grip Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Pipedreams Sure Grip has a pretty fitting name because if your really expecting it to work it’s time to put the pipe away. This is just one of many of the junky vagina tightening products found on Amazon that we have recommended women avoid.

Pipedreams Sure Grip ReviewIn fact this cream looks very familiar, where have we seen this product before? Ah yes, Sure Grip Tighten Her, exact same ineffective ingredients, different packaging and slightly different name.

Be very careful with the cheap creams on Amazon, as you can see above companies are producing products with the same ingredients and slightly different packaging. This is a deceptive practice taking up the market share. It makes sure women will have a harder time finding other (high quality) vaginal tightening creams.

This is why Sure Grip won’t work:

  • Lack of functional ingredients
  • Low standards for the ingredients
  • Small percentage of active ingredients
  • Too many binders and fillers

Pipedreams Sure Grip Ingredients:

These low quality ingredients didn’t do much to impress..

Glycerin, PEG-8, PEG-32, Aloe Vera, Menthylparaben, Potassium Alum, DMDM Hydantoin, Sodium Citrate.

PEG-8, PEG-32 and menthylparaben are all substances you never want to rub on your intimate parts! Not only can they cause skin irritation they also get absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause problems in the future. If that wasn’t bad enough Pipedreams Sure Grip also contains DMDM Hydantoin one of the top 10 most dangerous substances found in health and beauty products. We highly suggest avoiding this cheap, low grade product.

For a good breakdown of some of the ingredients (most of which are bad for you) check out the Sure Grip Tighten Her Review which is pretty much an identical product to this one.

Aloe vera is a well known herb which you’ve probably heard of. It can help rejuvenate and restore the vagina’s elasticity and also does a good job to moisturize and lubricate.

Potassium alum is the one and only tightening ingredient found in this product which has a good reputation as far as tightening result, however many creams have multiple ingredients are are much better than this formula.

Overall the ingredients in this product are very unimpressive, we consider this product a danger to use.

Pipedreams Sure Grip Side Effects:

Some women may experience unwanted side effect from using this low grade product, thanks to the dangerous ingredients it contains.

PEG-8, PEG-32 menthylparaben and DMDM Hydantoin are all known to be hazardous to human health and can cause skin irritation, redness, itching or even worse once they get absorbed into the bloodstream.

Pipedreams Sure Grip Price:

This product costs $12.23 + shipping for a 1.5 ounce tube.

Although the price may make the product seem appealing a look at the ingredients should quickly change your mind!

Pipedreams Sure Grip Alternatives:

In conclusion to this Pipedreams Sure Grip Review this product is flat out a waist of money. A simple investigation into the ingredients revealed 90% of the product was inactive binders, fillers, parabens or preservatives.

Be advised Amazon is stocking many ineffective vagina tightening creams and gels.. out of all we’ve reviewed to date we only recommend 2-3 creams which are high quality, standardized and offer a full money back guarantee. Don’t bother with low quality creams full of dangerous ingredients, almost everything you rub on your skin will be absorbed into the bloodstream and can cause problems with long term use.

Read about Intivar or these other options to get a better idea what a high quality vagina tightener is supposed to have for ingredients.

Intivar Vagina Rejuvenation Cream
2Seduce Vagina Tightener
Lady Secret Serum Lube & Tighten

Click to see a list of all vagina cream reviews

Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream claims to help “tighten your vagina like it was your first time”.

Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream ReviewApplication: Apply a liberal amount of the tightening serum to vaginal walls and the opening. According to the instructions results generally take 5 minutes.

This cream is not suitable for pregnant women and should not be used by women with immune conditions. Speak to your doctor for more information.

This cream is reminiscent of other cheap vaginal tightening creams found on Amazon.com, China Shrink Cream and Virginia Tightening Gel are on the same list of products to avoid.

Sure Grip Tighten Her Ingredients:

Tighter Her Ingredients List: Glycerin, PEG-8, PEG-32, Aloe Vera, Menthylparaben, Potassium Alum, DMDM Hydantoin, Sodium Citrate.

The ingredients in this product are not at all impressive and some are in fact quite dangerous if used over a long period of time..

Menthylparaben is an anti-molding agent that isn’t very good for your skin or health once it gets absorbed into the bloodsteam.

DMDM Hydantoin is an antimicrobial formaldehyde preservative which is highly toxic. So much so in fact they legally need to put a warning label if they use this ingredient.

PEG-8 and PEG-32 are polymers of ethylene glycol and can be in fact quite harmful if ingested into your system or drawn in to the blood through the skin or through mucous membranes.

Potassium Alum is the main active ingredient and does have some astringent, tightening properties but overall this ingredient alone will not likely be able to tighten your vagina.

With so many toxic or dangerous ingredient and so few high quality, effective ones it’s no surprise most women avoid this cheaply made vagina tightening cream.

Sure Grip Tighten Her Price:

Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream is sold for $11.48 + S&H for a 0.5 oz tube.

This might initially seem like a great deal but low quality ingredients, lack of a guarantee and the availability of much better products make this cream one to avoid.

Sure Grip Tighten Her Better Alternatives:

An herbal based vagina tightening cream would be a much better solution because Sure Grip Tighten Her Cream is loaded with low grade cheap cosmetic ingredients, binders, fillers, parabens and preservatives.

Intivar #1 Rated Vagina Tightening Cream
2Seduce Vagina Tightener Is Another Alternative
Lady Secret Serum Lubricates & Tightens

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Crazy Girl So Tight Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Crazy Girl So Tight PackagingCrazy Girl So Tight is a new addition to the vagina tightening cream marketplace. It’s currently selling under the user Classic Erotica on Amazon for just under $10.

Thus far we’ve been quite unimpressed with all the ‘Amazon.com exclusive’ tightening creams popping up every month. This cream is circulating at 20+ online shops so we thought it might be different, sadly it wasn’t.

Here’s why this product failed our review:

    Crazy Girl So Tight Review

  • What’s in the product? No disclosed ingredients.
  • Any proof it works? No clinical testing results.
  • No positive testimonials?
  • Does it comply with FDA regulations?
  • Does it contain any carcinogens or hormones?
  • Is it 100% safe, natural and pure?
With further research we were able to track down a list of the ingredients and YES, Crazy Girl So Tight does contain dangerous chemicals and carcinogens which is quite disappointing.. see below.

Ingredients List: Water, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Flavor, Menthol, Smilax Utilis Root Extract, Zingiber Officinale (ginger) Root Extract, Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Acrylates / Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Sorbic Acid, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Disodium EDTA, Triethanolamine, Sodium Saccharin.

We highly encourage women to research every ingredient in this cream as a lesson why it’s important to research these things. Yes, Crazy Girl So Tight contains some herbal vagina tightening extracts but it also contains some dangerous binders, fillers, parabens, carcinogens which are nasty things you do not want inside your body or on your intimate parts.

Generally any vaginal tightening cream that costs $5-20 per oz of cream is not recommended, this is because these types of creams often use the cheapest, irradiated, pesticide ridden herbs and contain nasty binders and fillers. Also cheap creams often don’t work then women often feel ALL creams won’t work and pay thousands for surgery. We strongly encourage women to start off using a high end cream right from the start.

It is our feeling that women should enjoy the safety and quality of a high end vagina tightening serum, sure it may cost a bit more but at least you can see clinical testing results, a money back guarantee and have ease of mind from a clean, organic ingredients list. In conclusion avoid Crazy Girl So Tight and keep looking..

Currently Intivar is our #1 rated vaginal tightener, click below to learn more.

Intivar #1 Rated Vaginal Tightening Cream Review

Tighten Up Shrink Creme Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

This cream found on amazon is just a joke and a waist of time.

Costing $2 for a small capsule this is a product that probably contains 95% cheap chemical fillers, 4% inactive herbal ingredients and 1% active herbal compound. Of course we were unable to verify these assumptions because there is almost no information available about this product online.

After researching over 20+ vaginal tightening creams Tighten Up Shrink has us wondering who would actually order this junk? This cream looks cheap and ineffective simply by it’s appearance, lack of ingredients and price.

We recommend women avoid this product for the following reasons:

    Tighten Up Shrink Creme Review

  • No ingredients list..
  • Very poor packaging..
  • Slow shipping..
  • Bad return policy..
  • Spelling errors in product name…
  • No product website..

All the reg flags for a cheap, ineffective product are there..

This cream costs $1.50, just FYI, if ever you see a vaginal tightening cream that cheap again you can safely assume it’s completely ineffective.

Until this company offers up some details about how it works, what ingredients it contains, the money back guarantee, etc we will not even consider giving this low quality cream a try.

It would be nice to find out more about this cream but they don’t even have a website with basic information

We suggest women avoid low grade ineffective pharmaceuticals and instead try a safe, naturally product that really works to tighten the vagina. It’s called Intivar which comes highly recommended.

Women Eroticism Vagina Shrink Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Women Eroticism sells a product on Amazon called Vagina Shrink, it used to be sold at many shops online but seems to have been pulled from the shelves at most shops other than Amazon.

Even after doing significant amounts of research on this product we still have lots of questions we need answered before placing an order.

    Women Eroticism Vagina Shrink Review

  • Is it greasy or sticky?
  • Do they have any real testimonials from women who used it?
  • What is the return rate on the product?
  • Is the cream sensitive on the skin?
  • Does it contain harmful toxins or synthetic hormones?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?

Until these basic questions are answered women should never consider purchasing a cosmetic or beauty product. Remember any product you put on your intimate parts is absorbed through the skin into the glands and bloodstream, you always want to make sure a product is safe, natural and pure and this is an important fact we want women to understand and a focal point of this Women Eroticism Vagina Shrink Review.

It’s harder than expected to fight a high end vagina tightening cream at a fair price. Most creams online are cheap and simply don’t work so we recommend if you are looking for a tightening product go with a clinically tested, FDA approved cream with lots of real testimonials.

So far the best cream we’ve reviewed has been Intivar which is the best by far. We highly recommend reading a full review on this product to learn more.

Pure Romance Like a Virgin Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Like A Virgin is a vaginal tightener offered by the company Pure Romance on Amazon.com, it sells at $24.00 for 0.5 oz. They don’t have a website yet there is quite a bit of information available about this product online.

Instructions: Apply a small amount of the cream to your fingertip (pea sized amount) and rub it on the interior and exterior of the vagina.

Generally women are supposed to see results in 30-45 minutes but most women don’t see much result from this cream because the quality seems questionable.

Here are the problems with Like a Virgin cream:

    Pure Romance Like a Virgin Product Review
  • No information what herbs and extracts it contains
  • All sales pitch no product information or facts
  • No publicly released clinical testing data
  • Not even a 60 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Very few positive testimonials
  • Only a mere 0.5oz per tube

Pure Romance is a well establish company with a generally very good reputation and a wide range of products, that’s why it’s confusing how they don’t offer even the most basic details about their product or a solid money back guarantee.

Like A Virgin is supposed to tighten the vagina and also increase sexual libido. Pure Romance also offers a wide range of female sexual health products which some women swear work well for them but twice as many who say the products didn’t work. Overall we are willing to test this cream and will update the review once new details come to light. Just by the information available online this product doesn’t look very effective.

Us women need to stick together and share information about products that work, Intivar is the best vaginal tightener but Like a Virgin by Pure Romance could be a great alternative you may want to test if you have the extra money.

Website Disclosure: Thank you for visiting Tightening The Vagina webpage, we encourage all readers to quickly read over our disclosure to be informed what this site is about and general facts you should know about the product. This website disclosure is put in place to inform the consumer and offer basic information about helpful products, we may receive a compensation based on consumer action be it a purchase or otherwise. Be advised we are not the official vendor nor the official site of any vaginal tightening products. Please ensure you are familiar with this disclosure, we always remain as accurate as possible in our claims and that they match up with scientific or clinical evidence which is provided by the merchant or found across the web. We believe in this product but recommend our visitors treat every new product they are interested in with a healthy degree of initial skepticism at least until learning the ins and outs of the product in question. Here are some of the readers protections we attempt to build into our reviews and articles: Many of the reviews contain lots of factual information that is easily verifiable. We always try to provide an honest and accurate assessment and we highly encourage all readers to double check and cross-verify facts for themselves to see they are indeed accurate and truthful. Any product review may includes a section that is a subjective summary this may be based on the personal experience of the reviewer or might be a collective summary based on feedback acquired across the Internet. Attempts are made to establish the general consensus in relation to specific products by reading reviews of those products on other sites, along with user testimonials and we attempt to portray this overall perception in our reviews fairly and accurately as possible. We always provide links to the manufacturers' website to provide additional information that is not available in our reviews or so you can make your purchase if you feel it is right for you. Some of this information found on the merchant site can include customer testimonials, specific product details, sales information, free newsletters and even samples during times of promotion. These are good rules of practice we strive by and encourage you to do so as well. It is important for you as a consumer to understand the relationship between a person reviewing the product and the manufacturer. Thank you for reading this disclosure, we work to bring you a very useful and meaningful experience as a direct result of our detailed reviews and articles. We welcome any feedback that may help us to improve your experience when visiting this website.