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Lady Secret Serum Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

At first glance Lady Secret Serum appears to be a top quality tightening cream offered by St. Botanica and Virility Health Ltd. Unfortunately it has some serious downfalls that make it potentially unsafe and unavailable to women in certain countries.

We must give credit where it’s due; after reviewing several lesser quality products with little to no information released by the company it was refreshing to find this product has lots of facts readily available.

The instructions state to rub a light coating of the serum around and inside the vagina, lubrication will be instant while tightening generally takes 30-45 minutes.

Basic Ingredients List:

    Lady Secret Serum Review

  • Pueraria mirifica
  • Acorus calamus*
  • Saussurea lappa
  • Piper nigrium
  • Withania somnifera
  • Nelumbium speciosum
  • Curcuma longa
  • Carbopol
  • Water
  • Butylene glycol
  • Glycerin
  • Propulene
  • And more..

This serum has good ingredients, although it is better than 90% of the other similar products on the market we do have some issues with it.

Pueraria mirifica is the main active ingredient which has astringent, tightening effects and also contains helpful phyto-estrogens that help enhance and maintain a young healthy looking vagina.

The herbs in Lady Secret Serum are extracts which are generally more potent and effective then whole herbs.

Be advised this product has no money back guarantee and costs $80 for a small supply.

The main downside of this product and the reason we don’t recommend it is because it contains acorus calamus*; an herb banned by the FDA in 1968. The extracts of this herb were labeled carcinogenic by the FDA meaning through studies and testing it was found to potentially contain cancer and tumor causing chemicals in the test subjects.

Since acorus calamus was banned by the FDA and can possibly cause nasty health problems it is not legally available for retail in the United States so women looking for a vaginal tightening serum are strongly urged to look elsewhere.

If your feeling discouraged don’t worry, there are plenty of premium quality, highly effective tighteners which don’t contain banned substances and are available to women worldwide. Check out our other reviews to find the product right for you.

Intivar tightening cream review

IsoSensuals Tight Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

IsoSensuals TIGHT Vaginal Tightening Gel ReviewIsoSensuals TIGHT has been on the market for some time now, it features sleek design and packaging, organic ingredients and is one of the only vaginal tighteners to use Manjakani Extract, an herb with powerful astringent properties.

This cream is overall quite impressive, it’s easily one of the best quality vagina creams on Amazon.com and also one of the most effective creams on the market today.

Lets review what IsoSensuals Tight has to offer.

IsoSensuals Tight Ingredients:

IsoSensuals Tight is one of the few vagina tightening gels on the market which understands the need for high quality, premium ingredients not only to ensure product safety but also to offer women a very consistent and effective product.

Let’s examine the active ingredients to find out how it works..

  • Manjakani also known as oak gall is a natural herb native to specific parts of IsoSensual Ingredients - Manjakani / Oak GallAsia and Persia. This small round herb has been used for thousands of years thanks to its amazing natural properties, in recent times the unique herbal compounds contained within were extracted and standardized to increase effectiveness. Manjakani also contains essential tannins, oils and vitamins which add elasticity and restore and rejuvenate the vagina. Its astringent, tightening qualities are as good as any herb has to offer.
  • IsoSensual Ingredients - Witch HazelWitch Hazel is another astringent, vagina tightening herb found in many vagina creams meaning it has a tightening effect. Like oak gall it also has a rich history, this time it was commonly used throughout North America and Europe. Witch hazel us anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial which helps to keep away yeast infections and maintain vaginal health.
  • IsoSensual Ingredients - Organic Aloe VeraOrganic Aloe Vera doesn’t have any tightening effect on the vagina however it does help to restore elasticity and youthfulness to your intimate parts. Although oak gall and witch hazel provide most of the effect aloe vera is a great supporting herb that helps to lubricate restore elasticity.

Other ingredients: Deionized water, Vegetable Glycerin, Cellulose, Xanthan Gum, Squalane, Potassium Sorbate

Squalane may ring a bell as it sounds similar to Squaline; a hazardous substance found in vaccines. Don’t be alarmed since Squalane is produced by the body and isn’t regarded as harmful, it’s found in “sebum” the bodies natural moisturizer.

The ingredients in this tightening gel pass our strict inspection standards and should be regarded as both safe and effective.

Does IsoSensuals Tight Have Side Effects?

Women looking to use this product shouldn’t be very worried about side effects especially after researching the ingredients.

  • No Synthetic Preservatives – Parabens and preservatives are a concern for most women because of the nasty side effects they can cause. This product however is safe and contains none.
  • No Propylene (PEGs) – These are polymers of ethylene glycol used in many cosmetics and known to be quite harmful, they are used to help the absorption of other ingredients. Thankfully IsoSensuals Tight opted not to use these harmful ingredients.
  • No Petroleum or Nasty Oils – Petroleum and cheap oil based ingredients are found in a wide range of low grade products and often little to no benefit. In fact they can be outright harmful to your health! This product does not use such ingredients.
  • No Synthetic Hormones – Synthetic hormones attempt to mimic naturally occurring hormones within the body which often leads to long term health problems. We never recommend our readers take these kinds of hormones unless prescribed by a doctor and even then it would be wise to look for an alternative.

Through our research we found IsoSensuals Tight to be a VERY SAFE product, but we recommend you take the time to investigate for yourself before purchasing.

It’s important to always research the ingredients and make sure the product wont have nasty side effects. Never rub a cheap, low grade cream full of binders, fillers and toxic ingredients on your intimate parts.. it just doesn’t make sense!

How Much Does IsoSensuals Tight Cost?

This product is of the highest quality but the price tag of $59.99 per unit plus S&H.

If money is not an issue you should buy this vagina tightening gel with confidence, on the other-hand if your looking for a quality product at the best price you should have a look at some of the great alternatives.

Does IsoSensuals Tight Have A Downside?

The price is certainly an issue for most women and although you would be hard pressed to find a premium vagina rejuvenation gel for under $25/unit there are certainly better deals available on the market. Many of us ladies have families to support so every dollar saved certainly helps!

Finally the only other downsides are that IsoSensuals Tight is only available online and it doesn’t have any discount, coupons or bonuses.

Is IsoSensuals Tight The Best Tightening Gel?

Although the ingredients are both safe and effective (which is not as common as you’d think!) this product simply costs too much money when all is said and done.

In the future if IsoSensuals were to lower their cost or offer discounts, coupons or bonuses it would help put them above the competition. Until then products like Intivar will continue to outrank the rest of the creams and gels in the vagina tightening marketplace.

Click here to shop for IsoSensuals TIGHT

What Are The Best Alternatives?

Read the Intivar Review: This product offers better ingredients, more reasonable pricing, great bonuses and free shipping.

Read the Lady Secret Serum Review: Although its not the best cream this ones certainly worth looking over.

Read the Gripper Vaginal Formula Review: This tightening product offered by SecretHerbs is another quality cream to consider.

Virginia Tightening Gel Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Virginia Female Intimate Tightening Gel is a product we noticed is being offered by Cobeco on Amazon, it’s also for sale at quite a few other shops online.

It’s quite difficult to find reviews of this product so we decided to put one together to help women decide if this is the right intimate tightening gel to meet their needs.

This product costs £21.50 or $30 USD which is a pretty fair price if the product works as well as the company claims.

Unfortunately it’s almost impossible to find an ingredients list or other information online and without knowing what’s in the product we found it was not worth ordering and possibly wasting $30.

There are still too unanswered questions about this product..

    Virginia Tightening Gel Review

  • Why is there no product website?
  • Is the product FDA approved?
  • Does it have any side effects?
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
  • Where are the testimonials?
  • Do they ship worldwide?
  • Is this product clinically tested?
  • Is this an herbal or pharmaceutical product?

Until we get answers to these questions we assume to company isn’t serious about providing information to women about their product. This is almost always an indicator of a product which simply doesn’t work so we suggest that women use a tried and tested, working solution to suit their vaginal tightening needs.

As of this time we are still unable to contact a sales representative for Virginia Tightening Gel.

We strongly recommend ladies use a better female intimate tightening gel.

intivar review

ViaTight Tightening Gel Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

ViaTight Tightening Gel is a well established Turkish vagina gel made by Aysan Medikal and has been around since early 2008.

Although it has been sold online for a good while there is very little information or testimonials about the product and women were emailing and asking about information so a ViaTight review was long overdue.

The first thing you may notice when shopping for this tightening cream online is that there are two distinct styles of packaging:

The photo on the left displays the new packaging and the right is the old style, you can click to enlarge the photos. Please note you may still get the older packaging depending on where you order from and if they ship you the old stock.

ViaTight Gel Ingredients:

Wondering what’s in this tightening gel? ViaTight contains premium herbal ingredients, and a couple of questionable ones. Lets find out more:

ViaTight Tightening Gel ingredients list: Aqua, glycerine, aloa vera, algae, chamomilla, sencha, grape seed extract, quercus, hamamelis, calendula, persea gratissima, oleyl erucate, carbomer, threithanolamine, methylchloroisothiazonlinone, allantoin, menthe and pepritha oil.

  • Sencha Tea Leaves – Sencha is a very effective vagina tightening herb thanks to its highly astringent properties. Amazingly sencha contains plant polyphenols and naturally occurring tannins which are known to help shrink and tighten the mucous membranes in the vagina.
  • Aloe Vera – Although it doesn’t tighten the vagina aloe vera adds a natural, high quality form of lubrication. This ingredient also adds a baby soft suppleness and elasticity to the vaginal wall and exterior skin. It’s anti-bacterial so it helps maintain the healthy balance within the vagina.
  • Grapefruit Seed Extract – This ingredient is one that shouldn’t be used in female intimate products because grapefruit seed extract can adversely affect the natural PH balance of the skin. Although it does have benefits the product would be better without this extract.
  • Quercus – This is an ingredient frequently used to tighten and firm the skin in well known brands of cosmetics and beauty products, it makes a great addition to a vaginal tightening gel.
  • Hamamelis Virginiana – Also known as witch hazel is found in quite a few other vagina tightening creams hamamelis virginiana is used for its tightening and astringent qualities.
  • Plant Algae – Full of naturally occurring minerals and plant enzymes algae is a sought after beauty product ingredient because of how it beautifies and restores elasticity and youthfulness to the skin.
  • Persea Gratissima – More commonly known as avacado, persea gratissima has a long history of being used in skin case products to nourish and enhance the appearance and feel of skin. Avacado is full of rich oils, vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant enzymes.

Click here to shop and purchase this cream

There are some other interesting ingredients to break down as well such as oleyl erucate which is derived from fish oils and oleyl alcohol.

Carbomer is a synthetic polymer thickening agent added to help change the consistency of the product, we feel it’s not suitable for long-term use on your vagina..

Threithanolamine is an organic chemical compound used the adjust the PH of products. It also acts as an emulsifier which makes oils more soluble.

Methylchloroisothiazonlinone is a potentially harmful chemical preservative used to slow the expiration of the product. It has anti-bacterial and anti-molding effects.

Allantoin is a white, odorless, anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory powder commonly added to cosmetic and beauty products.

Does ViaTight Have Any Side Effects?

ViaTight contains some potentially harmful preservatives and may produce side effects which is quite unfortunate considering how they did an amazing job picking out 95% of their other ingredients which are safe and natural.

Possible side effects of these chemicals include allergic reactions, skin irritations, chemical burns (although unlikely), redness and itching.

If this company could replace carbomer and methylchloroisothiazonlinone with side effect free herbal alternatives we could wholeheartedly recommend this product.

How Much Does ViaTight Tightening Gel Cost?

The price varies slightly but usually costs $44.76 or £28.50 for 50g of this tightening gel. Cost is $78.53 or £50.00 for the larger 100g size tube.

Shipping costs are extra and taxes may apply depending on location.

There are currently no discount codes or free bonuses for this product.

Does ViaTight Gel Work And Is It Worth It?

ViaTight Tightening Gel certainly works very well and it contains some very impressive high quality ingredients, however the risk may not be worth the reward. The chemical preservatives and anti-molding agents may cause side effects.

ViaTight costs $40 plus S&H which is a bit expensive, even for a high end vaginal tightening gel. Especially considering some products are side effect free, offer free bonuses, free shipping and a 60 money back guarantee on all orders.

Click to learn about our top rated vagina tightening cream.

If choose to buy ViaTight Gel make sure some of the cream on the inside of your arm and let it sit overnight to see if a rash or redness occurs. ViaTight offers no money back guarantee.

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Vagina Cream - Feminine Tightening Gel

VieNue Vivify Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

vienue vivify review - product logoVieNue Vivify is a natural vaginal tightening and rejuvenation cream which is able to enhance your sex life by tightening the vaginal wall and allowing more sensation for increased sexual pleasure during sex.

This vagina cream is for sale on Amazon.com shop, listed among low grade vagina creams Vivify is one of the best feminine renewal products thats been reviewed from that site.

    VieNue Vivify Benefits:

  • Tighten and tones the vagina
  • Improves elasticity of skin
  • More sexual pleasure
  • Supports vaginal health

VieNue Vivify Packaging Image 1 VieNue Vivify Vagina Tightening Cream Packaging Image 2

To find out if the claims VieNue makes about their product are true and accurate it’s important to examine the ingredients closely.

VieNue Vivify Ingredients:

When you break down the ingredients you can find out if VieNue Vivify tightening cream can really tighten your vagina and enhance sexual pleasure as they claim.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Potassium Alum, Linseed Extract (Flax), Propanediol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium Citrate, Gluconolactone, Sodium Benzoate, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride

  • Potassium Alum (organic) – This ingredient is a semi-transparent natural mineral salt harvest and used in cosmetics for its astringent and tightening qualities. Alum is one of the best ingredients you can find in a vagina tightening cream.
  • Aloe Vera Leaf Juice – Everybody knows about aloe vera for its moisturizing, lubricating and healing effects. Did you know it also helps to restore elasticity and maintain the natural moisture barrier inside the vagina.
  • Linseed Extract (organic) – Linseed more commonly known as flax seed contains oils which are frequently used in beauty products to nourish, moisturize and smooth the skin. The oils are also anti-inflammatory and help support good vaginal health.
  • Sodium Citrate – This is a natural anti-oxidant, preservative and PH balance regulator commonly used in health and beauty products. Sodium citrate is a safe alternative to harsh chemical PH balancers and preservatives.
  • Hydroxyethyl Cellulose – This ingredient is extracted from plant cells and has uses in cosmetics as a binder, stabilizer and a viscosity increasing substance. Unfortunately, even though it’s derived from plant cells this ingredient is linked to several potential side effects.
  • Propanediol – This clear liquid ingredient is used as a solvent and as a viscosity decreasing agent. After deep research we determined this ingredient can possibly have adverse effects on your health and should be considered unfit for daily use (see side effects below)..

Other notable ingredients include Gluconolactone, which is a naturally derived preservative and moisturizer which is as a safe non-harmful substance. Guar conditioner is derived from the guar bean and used as a thickening agent. This substance is safe, biodegradable and non-toxic.

VieNue Vivify Side Effects:

Hydroxyethyl cellulose has been linked to a few side effects including allergic reactions, swelling and itching of skin, rashes. Women with immune system deficiency and pregnancy women should not use products containing this ingredient.

Although VieNue Vivify isn’t likely to cause side effects more serious than a skin rash you should always be careful what your rubbing into your vagina. Skin pores and mucous membranes will absorb ingredients into important sexual glands and directly into the bloodstream.
Click here to review a higher quality cream which is side effect free

Propanediol may cause skin irritation, drying, redness and can break down fat cells.

VieNue Vivify Directions:

The instructions below were taken from the packaging:

How to use VieNue Vivify Cream - Application instructions

VieNue Vivify Price & Guarantee:

Price: $34.95
Size: 50ml / 1.7oz
Guarantee: 30 days money back* some conditions apply
Special offer: Free priority domestic shipping on orders of $100 or more.
Click to shop for this female renewal cream

Is This Vagina Tightening Cream Worth It?

If the side effects aren’t a concern for you then VieNue Vivify is surly a good option. Overall this is a very high quality product and most women wont experience any side effects however we strive to keep women informed of all details and risk and feel special care must be taken when choosing a vagina tightening cream.

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Vagina Cream - Feminine Tightening Gel

Liquid Virgin Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Liquid Virgin drops are classified as a tightening lubricant based on a unique formula. You can buy it from amazon.com if you feel like trying it out.

This product is similar to China Shrink Cream.. mainly because it doesn’t work..

    liquid virgin review

  • Very watery
  • No satisfaction guarantee
  • Artificial, unattractive scent
  • No clinical testing
  • Contains parabens
  • No product website

Please note Liquid Virgin isn’t a cream, it’s consistency is more of a watered down lotion. It’s very runny and slightly oily.

This product unfortunately doesn’t offer a solid money back guarantee so if your unhappy you probably wont be able to get your money back. They also haven’t released any clinical testing data to the public which should be a red flag to consumers.

Ingredients List: Deonized water, aloe vera extract, glycerin, potassium alum, hydrolyzed collagen.

Other: Xanthan gum, hydropoyl methylcellulose, polysorbate 20, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, sodium benzoate, menthol, calcium chloride, propylparaben, citric acid.

Doing some quick research on these ingredients you will find 90% of them have no effect on female sexual health, the libido and certainly won’t be able to tighten the vaginal wall.

The only ingredient worth mentioning is potassium alum which offers some tightening properties. Be aware that alum is also used in food to give it a sour flavor meaning the lotion may have a sour taste which wouldn’t be too nice on your intimate parts.

Instructions on package: Apply 15-20 minutes before sexual activity to achieve desired result.

Make sure to only apply a small amount of you decide to try Liquid Virgin because using a large amount with cause your vagina to get very dry.

In conclusion this lotion may work for some women but generally there are much better options that offer a money back guarantee and will work much better than this second rate cream.

China Shrink Cream Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

China Shrink Cream is a vagina tightening cream created to help women naturally tighten their vagina through the use of herbal extracts.

This cream can be found here at amazon.com and has some mixed testimonials from women who’ve tried it.

Despite the poor packaging this cream looked interesting, in the end it turned out being quite a disappointment.. here’s why:

    china shrink cream review product image

  • Strange smelling
  • Grainy, gritty feeling
  • Very little result
  • No FDA approval
  • No detailed ingredients list
  • No clinical or scientific testing

The best way to describe this cream is a strange smelling mixture of olive oil, sand and chalk.. a very oily yet gritty consistency that didn’t feel or smell very good on the skin.

Despite a few positive testimonials found around the Internet forums and review sites we feel that China Shrink Cream is a waist of money and completely ineffective.

When a product doesn’t have FDA approval or any clinical testing done it’s always a bad sign and you should be very skeptical. We couldn’t even find a full ingredients list!

There are many better options available, women like us need to be carefully not to fall for second rate, ineffective products. It’s a wise idea to invest in a higher quality product which actually paid to have clinical studies done and fully discloses the ingredients list.

We have many reviews of vaginal tightening creams on our website, take a moment to look around and you will find some better products such as Intivar.

intivar review - vagina tightening cream

Gripper Vaginal Formula Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Gripper Vaginal Formula is a tightening cream offered by SecretHerbs.com

This cream is based on a herbal not pharmaceutical formula which is good because it means it has no nasty side effects and is generally well accepted by the body.

Secret Herbs promises customers a tighter vagina, peace of mind, stress free life, superior love life, revitalized relationship, improved sexual performance.

    Gripper Vaginal Formula Review

  • 100% natural formula
  • No harmful side effects
  • Money back guarantee

Although this sounds great Gripper Vaginal Formula contains some rather strange and questionable ingredients. Soft stone, p-major, kidney beans, lemon grass and a few other herbs don’t really have an effect on the female sexual organs

Ingredients: Ocimum Basilucum, abrusprecatorius, quercus infectoria, bambusa spinosa, soft-stone, p-major, cordilatifolia, kidney beans, lemon grass, terminalia chubula, cowrie cowry, oak tree, symplocus mosa, cassiatora and curcuma longa.

They advertise on dose working for 7 full days however the downside of this cream can be found on the company website is that it only works for 30 days at which point it stops working completely. This certainly doesn’t sound like a long term solution.

Intivar Tightening Cream Review

Harmony Vagina Cream Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Recently we stumbled across a vagina tightening cream called Harmony.

From a quick visit to their website it became apparent that this was not a company we wanted to order from. Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • Very little information on website
  • No phone number or telephone support
  • Overpriced
  • No guarantee?
  • Only 7 grams per unit
  • Questionable testimonials
  • Poor testing data

When looking around the home page it seemed like there was very little information about how the product worked, why women should buy it over similar less expensive creams and why it was so expensive.

The regular price for this cream is $57 but the ‘special price’ is $47.. considering how it contains only one herbal extract (oak gall) found in just about every other vagina tightening cream we were unimpressed.

The major downfall of this product was the clinical testing results which were quite laughable. Instead of spending money to test the effectiveness and quality of the product they opted to test the heavy metal content..

This table is copied for review purposes from the Harmony tightening cream website.

Act 1952 Requirements
(AS), µg/g
< 5
< 0.05
(Pb), µg/g
< 10
< 0.02
(Hg), µg/g
< 0.5
< 0.01
test report No: 2000KL0769 Job No : 00TSD2801

As you can see from this table Harmony vagina tightening cream passed heavy metal testing, unfortunately they have no clinical data to prove the effectiveness or quality of the product. It could contain synthetic hormones, binders, fillers, inorganic pollutants, carcinogens and just about anything else.

Regulations on beauty products such as this are generally quite lax so when a company goes out of its way to do testing to prove the product is effective and safe it’s a very good sign for the customer. Unfortunately Harmony cream has very little relevant data.

We also found the price to be very expensive, $47 (discounted price) for 7 grams of cream which contains only one single herbal extract. Many of the high end vaginal tightening creams cost the same yet contain many herbal extracts and have much more clinical testing released to the public.

This product should be avoided, for the same price you can get a high quality vaginal tightener such as Intivar which contains multiple herbal extract with a full satisfaction guarantee.

In conclusion women should stay away from Harmony vagina cream.

intivar review - our top rated vagina tightening cream

How To Tighten Your Vagina Muscles

Category : Vagina Tightening Articles

As strange as it may sound your vagina contains muscles and ligaments which can be strengthened and tightened to serve a variety of purposes.

Often women just want to tighten their vaginal muscles for an enhanced look or for better sex but there are really a whole list of amazing benefits one can experience.

    tighten vagina muscles quickly

  • Better vaginal grip during sex
  • Vagina health enhancing effect
  • Better control
  • Enhanced pleasure
  • Increased libido

The process of tightening your vagina’s muscles can be a slow one but if you follow this advice you can obtain results much quicker with a higher success rate.

  • Tighten Cream – Most topical vagina tightening creams are simply meant to be applied before sex for a tighter sensation but only a few claim to be able to actually tighten the vaginal muscles over time using herbal extracts.

    Click here to learn more about the best vaginal tightening creams

  • Kegel Technique – This is a popular exercise among women because it works well to tighten the vaginal wall and surrounding tissues. Simply doing these exercises 4-5 times per week will provide some lasting noticeable results.

    Click here to learn how to perform kegels

For best results use a high quality herbal vaginal tightening cream in combination with a scheduled kegel exercise regiment. The herbal extracts in the cream will further enhance the results seen through the exercises.

Generally if you use both these techniques tightening your vaginal muscles should be quite simple and will occur in only a few weeks time. For significant results expect a 1-3 month wait depending how much effort you put into it.

Website Disclosure: Thank you for visiting Tightening The Vagina webpage, we encourage all readers to quickly read over our disclosure to be informed what this site is about and general facts you should know about the product. This website disclosure is put in place to inform the consumer and offer basic information about helpful products, we may receive a compensation based on consumer action be it a purchase or otherwise. Be advised we are not the official vendor nor the official site of any vaginal tightening products. Please ensure you are familiar with this disclosure, we always remain as accurate as possible in our claims and that they match up with scientific or clinical evidence which is provided by the merchant or found across the web. We believe in this product but recommend our visitors treat every new product they are interested in with a healthy degree of initial skepticism at least until learning the ins and outs of the product in question. Here are some of the readers protections we attempt to build into our reviews and articles: Many of the reviews contain lots of factual information that is easily verifiable. We always try to provide an honest and accurate assessment and we highly encourage all readers to double check and cross-verify facts for themselves to see they are indeed accurate and truthful. Any product review may includes a section that is a subjective summary this may be based on the personal experience of the reviewer or might be a collective summary based on feedback acquired across the Internet. Attempts are made to establish the general consensus in relation to specific products by reading reviews of those products on other sites, along with user testimonials and we attempt to portray this overall perception in our reviews fairly and accurately as possible. We always provide links to the manufacturers' website to provide additional information that is not available in our reviews or so you can make your purchase if you feel it is right for you. Some of this information found on the merchant site can include customer testimonials, specific product details, sales information, free newsletters and even samples during times of promotion. These are good rules of practice we strive by and encourage you to do so as well. It is important for you as a consumer to understand the relationship between a person reviewing the product and the manufacturer. Thank you for reading this disclosure, we work to bring you a very useful and meaningful experience as a direct result of our detailed reviews and articles. We welcome any feedback that may help us to improve your experience when visiting this website.