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How To Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

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Are you ready for a better sex life and increased self-confidence?

Discover how to tighten your vagina using creams and kegel exercises which thousands of women swear by for natural tightening.

If you feel you’ve loosened up after hormonal changes or pregnancy it’s important you find a safe and effective, clinically proven solution.

The Top 5 Natural Vagina Tightening Creams of 2012

Rated #1: Intivar Female Renewal Gel

Intivar Female Renewal Gel is the best choice is you want near instant highly effective vaginal tightening. This product works for so many women because of it’s potent, high quality ingredients which work fast when you need it time and time again!

  • Intivar Rated 5 StarsIntivar is the only tightening cream which contains MiroFirm™ a potent natural extract and absolute must use for women wanting to naturally tighten their vagina.
  • If you want to tighten and improve the elasticity of vagina as well as lubricate and enhance sexual pleasure Intivar has the right ingredients to help you reach a new level of climax!
  • Intivar offers a 60 day money back guarantee on all orders which is the best money back guarantee out of all products reviewed. They also have excellent customer service.

Intivar scored so highly because it’s clinically tested for safety and has many genuine testimonials and a money back guarantee to back its high satisfaction rate.

Read Intivar Review Visit Intivar

Rated #2: IsoSensuals TIGHT

IsoSensuals TIGHT is another high end vagina tightening cream which provides above average ingredients and results. This cream is a great value and proves to be an effective means of natural vaginal tightening..

  • IsoSensuals Tight Rated 4 StarsIsoSensuals TIGHT enhances sex by restoring elasticity and youthfulness to the vagina.
  • This is one of the safest most natural vagina tightening products on the market. It contains no synthetic preservatives or hormones and doesn’t contain any dangerous binders or fillers.
  • IsoSensuals also offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

IsoSensuals TIGHT is a very high quality vagina tightening product although it doesn’t contain MiroFirm or offer free bonuses and shipping like Intivar.

Read IsoSensuals Tight Review Visit IsoSensuals Tight

Rated #3: Vienue Vivify

From the VieNue line of products comes ‘Vivify’ a premium vagina tightening cream which supports vaginal health and tightens and tones the vagina.

  • VieNue Vivify Rated 3 1/2 StarsVieNue Vivify contains potassium alum a powerful yet natural astringent which tightens and restores elasticity to the vagina.
  • This product also increases pleasure for both partners by providing a tighter grip and lubricating effects.
  • VieNue Vivify is one of the best vagina tightening creams sold on Amazon.com.
  • This cream contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredients which support good health within the vagina.

VieNue Vivify should have scored higher but lost points because of its preservative ingredients which are linked to side effects, read the review for more details.

Read VieNue Vivify Review Visit VieNue Vivify

Rated #4: 2Seduce Gel

2Seduce Gel is another well known vaginal tightening cream which lubricates, tightens and enhances sexual pleasure for both you and you partner.

  • 2Seduce Tightening Gel Rated 3 1/2 Stars2Seduce Tightening Gel contains powerful astringent herbs witch hazel and oak gall which have consistently shown results for most women.
  • This gel has sexual enhancement effects and offers better pleasure and increased sensations for both you and your partner.
  • 2Seduce tightener is a well known, well trusted cream with above average mostly natural ingredients.

If your looking for a natural vaginal tightener with premium quality ingredients at a reasonable price then 2Seduce Tightening Gel might be right for you.

Read 2Seduce Gel Review Visit 2Seduce Gel Website

Rated #5: ViaTight Tightening Gel

ViaTight Tightening Gel is another well known natural vagina tightening cream which features herbal ingredients and gives a lasting tightening sensation.

  • ViaTight Tightening Gel Rated 3 StarsViaTight Gel has natural vagina tightening ingredients such as sencha, aloe and witch hazel which which work to improve sexual function and enhance pleasure during sex.
  • This product is known to tighten the vagina for up to 24 hours.
  • Helps increase sexual confidence, have more fun in the bedroom!

This cream lost a couple points because of possible side effects linked to the ingredients. Read the full review to find out if ViaTight Gel is right for you.

Read ViaTight Gel Review Visit ViaTight Gel

Imagine how you would feel if you could…

  • Restore natural vaginal tightness
  • Have more pleasurable sex
  • Support optimal vaginal health
  • Naturally enhance your libido and sexual function
  • Increase the ‘grip’ of your vagina
  • Be more self-confident and sexually charged in the bedroom

Why not try one of these vagina creams and experience the benefits for yourself? Intivar and IsoSensuals both have a 60 day risk free money back guarantee..

Which cream do you like best? Leave a comment below with your thoughts…

HerSolution Gel Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

HerSolution Gel Review - Product PhotoYou and I both know that vaginal dryness, looseness and lack of sensation can be very stressful on a relationship…

When I review a product like HerSolution Gel and others which claim to offer a solution I will first and foremost make sure that the product is safe, effective and very easy to use.

After reviewing over 25 poor performing female enhancement creams I wondered if I would ever find a product that would be able to fulfill my wishlist of requirements…

The folks at Leading Edge Health must share my vision because they created a top quality, highly potent vaginal cream that can help you re-spark your intimate passion and feel more confident and sexy then ever before!

HerSolution Gel Features and Benefits

  • Intensifies sensations and helps produce more orgasms: Not all of us are very sensitive to vaginal stimulation. If you’re like me you may have trouble achieving orgasm or they may not be as intense as you’d like. Applying some gel to your clitoris will increase blood flow and produce a unique warm, tingly feeling, along with a greatly enhanced response to stimulation.
  • No taste or smell and it has a silky smooth texture: Low quality creams are notorious for cramping your style in the bedroom. Nothing kills the mood like a chemical smell or taste on your intimate parts. HerSolution is a very neutral product and a real pleasure to work with :)
  • Instant arousal formulation: Once applied HerSolution Gel goes to work immediately, no more waiting minutes in anticipation for slow acting creams.
  • Dr. Karen Vierira endorses HerSolutionDoctor approved formula: Dr. Karen Vieira (PhD in Biomedical Sciences) was tired of female enhancement creams which only provide temporary relief at best. She envisioned a product which was strong enough to gradually restore optimal conditions to the vagina rather than just a quick one time fix.
  • Reduces vaginal dryness: Women shouldn’t have to be worried or stressed out about vaginal dryness. When used consistently HerSolution Gel will help increase the amount of lubrication which is produced naturally by your vagina.

Are you interested in trying it out? Click here now

Me reviewing HerSolution Gel holding it in my hand

The unexpected benefit: Who knew that HerSolution Gel would show a tightening effect on the vagina! When reviewing this product it was expected to be a pleasure enhancing lubricant as listed on the company website. In fact this gel can also produce some tightening effects and an amazing feeling of enhanced vaginal grip while getting intimate with your partner. You heard it here first!

HerSolution Gel Ingredients:

Hersolution Gel Ingredients List

It’s not everyday that we review a natural, botanical based vaginal lubricant made out of premium quality ingredients. It’s even more surprising to us to find a product which packs the toe curling, pleasure enhancing sensation of advanced pharmaceutical creams but without all the harmful additives.

HerSolution Gel comes with a 60 day risk free money back guarantee. The company makes you a clear offer… if you don’t experience:

  • Quicker arousal and more intense pleasure
  • A product that you will feel working almost immediately
  • Your vagina producing more natural lubrication
  • Warm, wet and turned on in just application

Simply return the unused product for your money back! You can see the full refund terms on the company website. For years Leading Edge Health has a known reputation for honoring its refund policy.

The Negative…

The only downside I found in my HerSolution Gel review is that although the product is what I feel to be the best value on the market, the cost adds up quickly depending on what you order. Fortunately you can get a great deal on the 6 month order size which saves you money and includes some really neat bonuses.

Click Here for More Info and to see Today’s Sale Price

Overall HerSolution Gel has a unique combination of very potent ingredients that can bring your sex life to the next level. This is the only female enhancement gel on the market to hold our 5/5 star rating. Go ahead and give it a try, you wont be disappointed!

If you want to research more enhancement products be sure to check out the reviews below.

Everteen Review

Category : Vaginal Tightening Cream Reviews

Everteen is a promising new addition to the vaginal tightening marketplace which currently only has a few highly effective products. Based out of India – this product recently launched with the goal of helping women restore elasticity to the vagina and provide a near instant tightening sensation which both you and your partner will enjoy.

Many women experience sexual dissatisfaction due to a recent child birth or sometimes these issues are caused by the natural aging process. Vagina tightening creams are meant to be applied 1-2 times a day to help ease these problems and enhance feelings of sexual satisfaction.

Everteen Benefits:

    Everteen Vagina Tightening Product Review Photo1

  • Restore youthful vaginal elasticity
  • Near instant tightening effect
  • Tones and rejuvenates the vagina
  • Powerful anti-bacterial ingredients
  • Feel more pleasure from sex

Most women who decide to try this type of product go with something cheap and low quality which is a big mistake. Looking over the products ingredients is the best way to get an idea if it will work for you and how safe it is to use. Buying and using a product without researching the ingredients beforehand is a risk which as a consumer you should not take.

Everteen Ingredients:

Ingredients make or break the product. We’re really quite pleased to say that Everteen has done a great job choosing out safe and effective ingredients.

  • Ficus Racemosaficus racemosa everteen ingredient 1 – This native south-east Asian plant is also known as the cluster fig tree. The extract of this plant has shown remarkable astringent (tightening) properties. It’s also known to help restore damaged skin and maintain youthful elasticity.
  • Butea Frondosabutea frondosa everteen ingredient 2 – This plant is grown in its native country of India and can reach upwards of 12 meters tall. The resin extracted from this plant is known to make the vagina more sensitive to pleasure when used topically. It’s also rumored that this resin is able to enhance libido and sexual function.
  • Sphatikasphatika everteen ingredient 3 – More commonly known as alum in the West Sphatika has a soothing and tightening effect on the vagina. Although generally alum is accepted as safe and mild please note that women with extremely sensitive skin may experience a mild reaction. Chances are alum can be found in most of your beauty products.
  • Quersuc Infectorisquersuc infectoris everteen ingredient 4 – Also known as gall oak this ingredient is added to provide anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties to the gel. It’s also been used as a native vagina tightening herb in homemade remedies for centuries.
  • Woodfordia Floribundawoodfordia floridundia everteen ingredient 5 – This is another great native Indian Ayurveda plant which was added to Everteen because it contains polyphenols which tighten and restore elasticity to the vagina. Ingredients like this make Everteen even more interesting because of its unique formulation.
  • Aloe Veraaloe vera everteen ingredient 6 – The most common and well known ingredient is aloe vera. This plant is added because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties it’s well suited to help maintain a healthy balance in the vagina. Also aloe vera is known to promote cell regeneration which is why it’s used in so many beauty products – the regeneration of cells in the vagina helps to revitalize and restore healthy skin.

Based on the ingredients we give a big thumbs up in our Everteen review!

If you live in India we encourage you to give this product a try and share your results with us.

Answers To Your Questions:

  • As of 2013/06/11 Everteen is only for sale in India
  • This gel is safe for women on hormone replacement therapy
  • Apply the gel 1-2x per day for best tightening effect
  • Results will appear after 2-3 weeks of consistent use
  • Tightening effect may eventually diminish if you discontinue use
  • Everteen is safe for women with sensitive skin
  • This tightening gel shouldn’t be used when menstruating or during pregnancy
  • Doing kegels while using Everteen will increase your results
  • You can use this gel immediately after pregnancy once bleeding stops
Product Photos:

Here are some product shots of Everteen.

Everteen Product Review Image 1 Everteen Product Review Image 2 Intivar Product Review Image 3
Where To Buy Everteen / Best Alternatives:

Click here to visit Everteen’s official website.

Remember that Everteen is currently only being shipped within India so if your looking for a product that will ship more freely to countries around the world check out these great alternatives below:

Read the Intivar Review: This product offers superior quality ingredients, very reasonable pricing, great additional bonuses and free shipping.

Read the IsoSensuals TIGHT Review: IsoSensuals came in a close second as our runner up best tightening product – read the IsoSensuals TIGHT review to found out why.

Read the Lady Secret Serum Review: Although its not the best cream this ones certainly worth looking over.

Read the Gripper Vaginal Formula Review: This tightening product offered by SecretHerbs is another quality cream to consider.

About Us

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Tighteningthevagina.com began in December of 2009, since then the site has changed hands and we’ve made some dramatic improvements which we’re really quite proud of!

Here’s a screenshot of the dull, boring original design way back in 2009:

how our website looked in 2009-2010

Fast forward to today. We have a fresh new design, many new articles and reviews, a video section, an informative and helpful newsletter plus lots more. This website has continued to improve over the years. Don’t worry. We’re not done yet! We have lots of great content in store and many more improvements we’re planning on implementing in the months to come.

how our website looks today in 2013!

Based out of Ontario Canada our team strives to give women the information they’re looking for when it comes to female sexuality, vaginal tightening, product reviews and many other topics.

The success of this website is attributed to our great team!

About Our Team:

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Most of the articles and product reviews are written by Tiffany who does an amazing job researching and ensuring the quality and safety of each product. She doesn’t hold back and gives an amazing insight into which products work and which you should avoid.

Specializing in female sexual health and being a mother of two Tiffany is well versed in many topics that new mothers and mothers to be are wondering about. She also holds sexual health seminars once or sometimes twice a year where she answers women’s questions in person.

♡♡♡ Suzanne Waters ♡♡♡

Responsible for advertising, press releases and others media based tasks Suzanne is a key player in the success of this website. She helps to push our new content out into the web to expand our reader base. Releasing our site updates to media outlets helps us gain coverage of new material when it’s featured.

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The best part is we’re still growing. If you want to help contribute to the growth of this website and have a few hours to spare each week please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Truth About Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Category : Vaginal Hygiene

Many women may think that experiencing vaginal discharge means that something is wrong. Vaginal discharge is actually quite common and healthy even.Woman is worried about abnormal vaginal discharge It acts as a cleaning mechanism for the female reproductive system. The discharge actually cleans the vagina of dead cells and bacteria.

The amount of vaginal discharge a woman experiences depends on certain aspects such as ovulation, sexual arousal, breast feeding, and pregnancy. Some vaginal discharge may have an odor while some may not. Although vaginal discharge can be very normal in women, there is a slight chance that it could mean there is a problem.

Seeing a gynecologist about dischargeAn infection, such as a urinary tract infection or bacterial infection, can cause vaginal discharge to seem ‘different’ or abnormal. Women who are familiar with their body may notice that the discharge is colored or has an odor. This usually means an infection is present in the body.

The best way to diagnose what could be wrong is by visiting a doctor. This is important because the infection could be something much different than you expected. When a woman experiences a UTI, she will feel itching and burning in her vaginal area and also may experience pain while urinating. With a bacterial infection of some sort, a woman may experience a white, gray or yellow discharge with a fishy odor. These need to be treated with antibiotics and generally go away speedily.

Seeing a gynecologist about dischargeDoctors can diagnose abnormal vaginal discharge by asking you a series of questions accompanied with tests in some cases. They may ask questions such as “When did you notice the discharge? Does the discharge have an odor? Do you have any other symptoms?” Your answers can give the doctor a diagnosis and treatment plan for your abnormal discharge. One common infection that many women have encountered is a yeast infection. A yeast infection brings about a thick, white discharge that can be compared to cottage cheese. Along with the discharge, there may be itching and burning in the vaginal area. This is an example of an abnormal discharge and can be treated quite easily.

Almost every woman will experience discharge of some sort in their life and most discharges are considered normal. It is important to be familiar with your body and know what your normal discharge is like. During ovulation, discharge is normally thick and odorless which is healthy and very normal. Although most vaginal discharge is healthy, becoming familiar with how your body reacts will make you more aware when something could be wrong. Abnormal vaginal discharge could mean an infection, an STD, pregnancy, cervical cancer, and other health problems such as diabetes. Try to become familiar with the symptoms of these health problems.

happy and healthy womanIf you want to reduce your chances of abnormal discharge and health problems, there are steps you can take. Make sure to keep yourself clean and wash your vaginal area daily with gentle soap and warm water. Try to avoid douches, feminine sprays, and bubble baths. Make sure that you always wipe front to back to prevent bacteria from causing an infection. Taking care of yourself and knowing what healthy discharge is what will greatly reduce the chances of you experiencing the not so normal vaginal discharge and other related health problems in the future.

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Discover The Pros And Cons Of Pleasure Enhancing Lubricants

Category : Vagina Tightening Articles

pleasure enhancing lubricantsIf you’ve seen any commercials about lubricants, then you’ve probably seen at least one about pleasure enhancing lubricants. These are just like your regular lubricant, but they are made to increase your pleasure by giving you more sensations during sexual intercourse. While this sounds amazing and many women really love it (and men too, since they love seeing their women in ecstasy), there are some problems that you might experience with these lubricants. This article will explore the pros and cons so that you know what you are getting into before buying a pleasure enhancing lubricant.

Pro: Enhances Sexual Experience

Perhaps the biggest benefit is that these lubes are meant to enhance sexual stimulation. They can work if you are solo, or if you are with your boyfriend or spouse. Some have a static stimulation that doesn’t change with intercourse, and some will increase the pleasure during intercourse. The fact is that these lubricants will give you some extra sensations that will make sex all the more enjoyable.

Most lubricants either cause tingling or a slight heating sensation, or they might do both. You may want to experience with different brands to see what sensation you like the best. Many women find this much more effective for reaching orgasm, and most say that these products will make sex more fun.

Con: Too Much Sensation

If you are the sensitive type that reacts to chemicals or if you don’t like too much sensation, then you might want to watch out for pleasure enhancing lubricants. Many women find that using too much, or if the lubricant is too strong, that it can start to cause some pain. For example, the heating might become an unbearable burning.

You should experiment with these lubes before trying them out during sex. See how much you can take so that you know your tolerance. If the sensation is too much, then try using less to see if that helps. Remember: each brand has a different active ingredient that causes the extra pleasure, so you might hate one lubricant, but love another.

Pro: Nice Smells

Another benefit is that pleasure enhancing lubricants often have nice smells, such as mint and cinnamon, that can really enhance the pleasure of your lovemaking on an olfactory level. If you’ve never experimented with scents, then you probably don’t know that the right scents alone can make sex more enjoyable. Humans respond very well to scents and smells, and a nice smell (even without the sensation) is going to make the sex more memorable.

Like with the above points, you should experiment with different products to see which ones you like the most in terms of smell. While mint and cinnamon are common smells, there are many others that you can find that will improve your sex life.

Con: Might React

Aside from possibly being irritating, some pleasure enhancing lubricants have a tendency to chemically react with nearby chemicals and substances. For example, many women find that certain lubricants will react with their fingernail polish, causing it to melt or rub off. It may also stain certain materials and substances.

If you are worried about this, then consider speaking with the manufacturer about what to expect when using the lubricant, or just be careful to ensure that it doesn’t touch certain substances that might cause a reaction.


There are many pros and cons to pleasure enhancing lubricants, and it really comes down to your unique body. It will definitely cause a sensation that many women love, but some people find that it causes too much sensation and it may become painful. It might also react to certain substances, but the smell will often improve your sex life. Try different brands, see what you like and find out if these lubricants are right for you.

Laser Vaginal Tightening Questions

Category : Vagina Tightening Articles

If your vaginal walls are sagging or loose, then you might want to consider laser vaginal tightening. This is a procedure where a laser is used to help tighten the muscles and walls of the vagina so that it regains its youthful shape. Many women have a lot of questions about this type of procedure, and this article will answer some of the most common questions.

What’s the Difference Between Laser Tightening and Other Forms of Vaginal Tightening?

vaginal tightening laser surgeryIn terms of what is being done during the operation, there is very little different between laser vaginal tightening and the normal procedure. The main difference is the use of a high tech laser. However, this presents many benefits that will make aftercare much easier.

Lasers often leave less marks and it’s easier for the body to heal from the procedure. Not only that, but there is typically less scar tissue (if any at all) and there is a lower chance of any mistakes occurring during the vaginal tightening.

What Can Laser Vaginal Tightening Do?

There are two things that laser vaginal tightening seeks to correct: unsatisfactory sex due to lack of tightness and urine incontinence. Many women after childbirth and those experiencing menopause suffer from one or both of these problems for various reasons.

If the procedure is successful, then you should notice a difference with incontinence and sexual pleasure. The procedure fixes both problems simultaneously, and the tightening is the same regardless of your reasons for having the procedure.

Is it Effective?

There are many researchers that are on the fence about this question. Some say that it is effective, while others say that there isn’t enough evidence. Many women find that, at least in the short-term, that their vaginal walls are tighter and stronger after the procedure. However, there isn’t much evidence or testimonials that talk about the long-term benefits or disappointment.

Overall, it seems to have some benefits, but it’s best to try Kegel exercises first before resorting to any sort of surgery.

How Long Does it Take?

Laser vaginal tightening is a fairly simple procedure, and most surgeons will be able to do it within an hour. There are some cases where it will take longer, but the average is around an hour or less.

Is it Painful?

There usually is some pain involved with vaginal tightening, but most of the pain comes after the surgery. You will usually be provided with some sort of anesthesia during the procedure that will block and numb the pain. Depending on the surgeon’s and your preference, you can be given local, general, spinal, epidural, nerve block or IV sedation to make this procedure less painful.

What is the Recovery Time?

It generally doesn’t take too long to recover from laser vaginal tightening. You can usually travel and move around freely after about two days. Returning to work or doing more strenuous activity will often take about a week, or five to seven days.

The longest wait time involves sexual intercourse. Under most circumstances, the surgeon will ask you to wait about six weeks before engaging in sexual intercourse. Oral sex can be done much earlier than this, typically within two to three weeks or less.


Laser vaginal tightening is a popular procedure that many women have so that sexual intercourse is better, or to eliminate the incontinence that is caused by a loose vagina. There are very few complications involved in this procedure, and it’s often safe. However, be aware that many researchers aren’t sure how effective this procedure is, so you may or may not be happy with the laser vaginal tightening within a year or two after the procedure.

Solutions To Ease Vaginal Dryness

Category : Vaginal Dryness

Many women, especially those with menopause or after childbirth, experience vaginal dryness. This condition can make sexual intercourse painful, and it can also lead to many other problems if it persists. Thankfully, there are many vaginal dryness solution products and methods that can help you solve this issue. There are both over the counter lubricants, and natural remedies that will make the problem go away. This article will show you the easiest solutions so that you can easily treat your vaginal dryness.

Vaginal Lubricants and Creams

Perhaps the first and easiest solution would be lubricants and creams. Lubricants are great for short-term fixes that should make sex comfortable and pleasurable again. This is because the lubricant can replace your natural lubricant, and it should feel mostly natural to both you and your partner. If you want to avoid clogging your pores or facing other side effects, then be sure to get a water-based lube.

Creams are also good for treating vaginal dryness, and they often offer long-term solutions. This is basically the same as using a lotion to moisturize dry skin on your arms or chest. It offers immediate treatment, and you should notice your vaginal dryness becoming less severe as you continue to use the cream. It often takes about 3-5 days before you notice a major difference. For the best effects, try getting creams with phytoestrogens. These will help if you have low estrogen levels.

Prescription Solutions

Another vaginal dryness solution is using prescription medication. If over the counter solutions aren’t helping you, then you might want to seek a doctor to get stronger creams, or a tablet or pill that will help your vaginal dryness. The most common reason for vaginal dryness is due to low levels of estrogen. All of the prescription solutions attempt to cure this by improving your estrogen levels while giving you immediate lubrication as needed.

These products tend to have more side effects because they are stronger, but they also tend to be more effective if over the counter solutions aren’t helping you.

Eat More Soy

Another simple vaginal dryness solution is changing your diet to include more soy. Soy has a potent number of phytoestrogens that can help alleviate any low-level hormonal issues that you are facing. This typically isn’t quite as effective as the above two solutions for a short-term fix, but it will help treat the actual condition for a long-term solution.

Flax seeds have even more phytoestrogens, but it’s much easier to include more soy in your diet since it doesn’t have nearly as much fiber, and the phytoestrogens absorb more easily. Just grab some soy milk, tofu or edamame to get more soy.

Olive Oil

Yes, you can use olive oil the same way you would with any over the counter lubricant. Unlike some oils that might be a little irritating and abrasive to the vaginal surface, olive oil is a very calming oil that isn’t nearly as slimy as conventional lubricants. If you want a cheaper, organic and more natural feeling solution to your vaginal dryness, then olive oil will work wonders.

This should also help moisturize your vagina, but you should only use olive oil as a short-term solution because it won’t be quite as effective as pills and soy at treating the underlying hormonal problems.


There are many vaginal dryness solutions, but these are the easiest and the most effective. Try them out and see which ones work for you. If you want to really cure this problem, then add some soy into your diet or consider speaking with a doctor to get a pill or tablet. To fix the immediate problem, some olive oil or lubricant will work wonders.

Possible Causes Of A Loose Vagina

Category : Vagina Tightening Articles

The vagina is elastic in nature, and it will generally reshape and become tight after anything that stretches it out, namely sexual intercourse. However, many women experience a loose vagina, and there are many reasons for why this problem occurs. This article will explore the major causes of a loose vagina so that you know why you are experiencing this problem. There are many creams, operations and exercises that you can do to fix this problem, and most of them are quite effective if you are persistent.

#1: Childbirth

One of the most common reasons for a loose vagina is childbirth. A child is massive compared to anything else that will pass through your vagina, so it’s Childbirth can cause a loosened vaginaunderstandable why this is one of the causes of a loose vagina. At the same time, many women go right back to normal after a few weeks.

The main thing that causes vaginal loosening is trauma experienced during childbirth. If the birthing went smoothly and there were no complications, then you have a higher chance of your vagina going back to normal after recovery. If the area is too narrow and doctors perform an episiotomy (a procedure that widens the area so that a child can easily come out), then there is a good chance that you will have some loosening. This is normally only done if the baby is blocked, or is having a very hard time coming out.

#2: Hormonal and Malnutrition Problems

If you have any hormonal problems (such as menopause from aging or high testosterone), then you might also have a loose vagina. The vagina will usually become dry and sex might be painful, and the vagina also has a high chance of becoming loose.

Malnutrition can also cause this because the vagina is not getting the proper amount of energy that it needs. This means that the body is repurposing all of the food intake so that you stay alive. Your vagina (along with many other parts of your body, like teeth and hair) will suffer because there simply aren’t enough calories, vitamins and minerals to keep everything in tip-top shape. The vaginal walls will lose their strength and elasticity, and thus will sag and become loose.

If you are experiencing hormonal issues, then you should see a doctor to get a prescription, or you should change your diet so that your body naturally creates more estrogen. A dietitian should be able to help you find the right foods to naturally fix this problem. This will also help with malnutrition. You need to eat a balanced diet to make everything work properly.

#3: Aging

As stated above, older women who are menopausal often have loose vaginas due to the resulting hormonal problems, but aging is one of the causes of a loose vagina Childbirth can cause a loosened vaginaeven if you aren’t menopausal. Just like how your skin will naturally sag even if you take great care of yourself, so will the vaginal walls. This just naturally happens, and some women experience it more than others.

If this is occurring due to your age, regardless of whether or not you have menopause, you can usually fix it by using excises (general exercise and Kegel exercises) and eating a better diet to ensure that your vagina gets all the nutrients it needs.


There are many causes of a loose vagina, but thankfully this problem isn’t too difficult to fix. There are many creams that can naturally increase the strength of your vaginal walls, and you can do certain exercises that directly target this area. If neither work, then there are surgical procedures that can also help, but you should save those for last because they are expensive, and they may sometimes make the problem worse.

Aesthetic Vaginal Surgery Pros And Cons

Category : Vagina Tightening Articles, Vaginal Hygiene

Many women are uncomfortable about how their vagina looks or feels, especially after childbirth or if a partner has expressed problems with your vagina. This leads some people to consider aesthetic vaginal surgery.

There are many types of aesthetic vaginal surgery procedures, such as reducing the labia, tightening the vagina and so on. While a doctor should tell you what to expect from this procedure, this article will show you the general pros and cons of this surgery so that you are more informed before actually getting the procedure.

Pro: Relieves Psychological Stress

The fact is that many women who have aesthetic vaginal surgery have normal vaginas. Their labial lips might be a little bit larger than some women or the appearance may not emulate the perfect ‘designer vagina’, but their vaginas are normal nonetheless. However, even after knowing that their vagina is normal, some women feel psychological stress.

If this describes you, then aesthetic vaginal surgery might be able to relieve this stress. However, if the stress is deeper than just the shape of your vagina, then you might face more issues when the surgery is finished.

Con: Little Evidence

While there has been some research into whether or not aesthetic vaginal surgery really does improve sexual functioning, most of the evidence is inconclusive, especially with long-term improvements. This surgery will often make the vagina tighter to improve sexual satisfaction for both people, but the effects will often fade.

Pro: Better Organ Support

Sex aside, there are other reasons to get aesthetic vaginal surgery. Vaginal tightening is usually lumped in with this umbrella term, and it can help your pelvis better support your organs. Many postnatal women have incontinence issues and pain that is associated with a loose vagina.

While aesthetic vaginal surgery is usually aimed at making the vagina look better, you can have the benefit of better organ support if the vaginal walls are tightened.

Con: Complications

Every surgery, even the most mundane ones, has potential complications and problems that you may have to weather after the procedure. The most common problems will be pain and irritation, but this should go away after a few days or weeks. However, there are other, more serious issues to possibly contend with.

You might have to deal with infection, scar tissue, damaging of nearby organs (especially with inexperienced surgeons) and the surgery might just have temporary effects that dissipate after a few months.

Pro: Less Irritation

Many women who have larger labial lips are prone to irritation. There is irritation if you wear tight clothing, and sex may also be irritating under certain circumstances. If you have this problem, then aesthetic vaginal surgery should be beneficial because one of the most common procedures is to reduce the size of the labial lips. Not only that, but it will make the vagina look more youthful.

Con: Overly Eager Surgeons

One major problem that researchers found when they looked into aesthetic vaginal surgery is that most surgeons seem a little too eager to perform this procedure. For example, most are willing to reduce labia size even if the woman has a normal labia. Many websites also exaggerate the problems that certain women face, and they even make some problems up.

For example, ‘labial hypertrophy’ is a condition where the labia is too large, and many aesthetic vaginal surgery websites and surgeons will talk about this condition. However, it’s not a real condition that grounded in science. It’s just a tactic to make women feel self-conscience.


If you don’t like the way your vagina looks or feels, especially after childbirth, then aesthetic vaginal surgery might be good for you. However, be aware that there isn’t that much research into the effectiveness of this surgery, and any benefits might dissipate after a few months or years. If you do go in for this surgery, then make sure that you aren’t talking to an overly eager surgeon, as he or she might perform the operation when you really don’t need it.

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